Call me Mushy!!!

HANG ON! This video is Rated PG! :p LOL

NO JUDGMENT! This is the result of overly-missing someone! 😀
Upon seeing the video of Justin Bieber along with some of his celebrity friends including Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and many more, I was inspired to do a video for my boyfriend a.k.a. Mushy 🙂 He’s currently on Europe vacation with his family and you have no idea how much I’m missing him! 😦

So, I called up my friends and asked them this HUGE favor (which by the way, Mushy you also owe for this hahaha :p ) to dance and lip-sing with me on this video. In fact, we ended up having a great time!

I’m very thankful that my friends are always “on the go” whenever I ask them to do random crazy stuffs for me, and I soooo love them for that!

So, Mushy I hope you enjoy this video and have a safe flight home. I’m missing you back here! 🙂


(You can see the full video on my youtube channel on the link below)