5 Annoying Things I Love About My Mom

“All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my mother.” 

Mother’s Day is upon us once more, a worldwide celebration in honoring our beloved mothers, their sacrifices, maternal love and their influence in our society. To be honest, I don’t think it should be celebrated only once a year. I mean, being a parent is a tough job but being a Mom is a totally different matter altogether. I consider my mom my hero, don’t we all? Simply because it’s a miracle how our moms survived carrying us in their wombs for 9 months and just when they thought it stopped there, no, the pains and horrors of raising us is only about to begin.

I’m sure we appreciate the love and sacrifices of our moms but let’s be honest, a LOT of times they really drive us CRAZY! And crazy is even an understatement hahaha

I love my mom and I miss her a lot, but I just thought I’d write this super honest post about a few of many things that she does that ticks me off hahaha I’m sure a lot of you guys will totally relate to these 5 annoying things I love about my mom:


  1. HOW SHE WOULD CONSTANTLY PICK ON MY CLOTHES. No, not just my clothes, but how I should dye my hair, wear my makeup, cut my fingernails, what shoes should I be wearing, or the fact that my sleeves should be folded on the right length. (writing this article is harder than I thought, I can’t believe it’s pissing me off! Hahaha) They always have a lot of things to say about how you should look. And take note, she wouldn’t say directly to you that you shouldn’t be wearing this type of clothing, no, she should just look at you from head to toe and exclaim, “That’s what you’re wearing?” and that, my friend, is a signal for you to go back to your room and change.
  2. HOW SHE WOULD CONSTANTY COMPLAIN THAT NOBODY’S HELPING HER WITH THE CHORES. Because she doesn’t want to be helped! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it haha You know how our moms are soo anal when it comes to keeping the house straight, fixing stuff and cooking and all, then just as you want to help her with the chores, she would get mad because you’re doing things the wrong way. Or basically, not HER way. My mom loves to cook, and one time she was so busy at the kitchen and I offered to help her but after few trials she kicked me out of the kitchen, then few hours later she came to me and complains that she’s so tired and nobody’s helping her and I’m completely at dazed and I’m like “I was trying to help you but you kicked me out of the kitchen!!”
  3. HOW SHE WOULD CONSTANTLY GIVE COMMENTS ABOUT MY WEIGHT. During my visit to their place in Italy, we were always invited by her friends and some relatives over parties. It would have been fun, if it weren’t for my mom who keep on telling people off how I gained weight over the past few years! First, she would introduce me as her daughter, and she would start telling them how proud she is of the success of my career and then just when I’m feeling it, she would tell them how I was so skinny back then and that how I started gaining weight. It sucks! And I’m like, “Ma, they don’t even care about how I weigh?!” Yeeeep, moms really know how to embarrass us. But I’m proud to say that over a month, I already lost 5kilos! And I continue losing weight, so suck on that mom! hahaha
  4. HOW SHE WOULD CONSTANTLY ACT LIKE “THE COOL MOM” WHENEVER FRIENDS COME OVER. Don’t get me wrong, my mom is a real nice person and everybody loves her, but sometimes she couldn’t help taking it to a whole new level. Like when my friends would show up unscheduled, she would cook merienda and sometimes would deliver it to my room and act so goody-goody so my friends would love her even more! But trust me, when they’re not around she constantly complains how me and my friends are so loud! I remember during highschool, I wasn’t allowed to date then, but there’s this guy who accompanied me home and I was scared that my mom would scold me but surprisingly, she invited him inside the house, cooked banana pie out of the blue, asked him to stay for dinner, sat with us at the living area, and catching stories with us and all! So I’m like, “Hey I think my mom’s kinda cool with me dating.” Then the moment the guy leaves the house, she came up to me and starting telling me how she doesn’t like this guy blah blah blah and how I’m still not allowed to date! It’s so frustrating!! I’m like, dammit mom you’re such a great actress! Haha
  5. HOW SHE WOULD CONSTANTLY REPEL TECHNOLOGY. If there’s a club where people get together to just talk about how they repel technology or how much they hated the fact that they can’t keep on track with how technology runs the world nowadays, she would be a member of it, no actually she would be the leader of that group! haha OOhhhh I remember my mom during our trip to Paris, she wanted to tell her friends and our relatives about it because she’s so excited but she didn’t know how to text so she would call them instead from her cell or oldschool payphone. Do you have any idea how much those calls cost? A lot, okay? My dad knows how to text and he even has his own facebook account but my mom is terrible at it. I tried teaching her how to use skype or viber but it’s simply a hopeless case. Even until now, she stills writes to me via snail mail. Nope, she wouldn’t even bother trying to learn how to open an email.

The truth is, I originally intend to write 10 annoying things about my mom but I needed to cut them in half because I couldn’t think of anything else! (Apart from those 5 things, she’s that awesome haha) I even asked my brother to help me out and give me some notes about what he hated about her but he said he couldn’t think of any. He’s that kiss-ass to my mom.

I know this post might not be able to reach my mom because of the item no. 5 but it’s okay, I know she knows how much I love her 🙂 To all the moms out there, I salute you, we salute you. So let’s celebrate Mom’s day tomorrow with a blast, let’s pamper them, treat them out, avoid giving them stress, and simply make them feel they are the most special person in the world. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!




2 comments on “5 Annoying Things I Love About My Mom

    • I think it’s a blessing in disguise that my mom doesn’t have any patience when it comes to technology, at least she wasn’t able to stalk me on social media sites haha happy mom’s day to your mom! Sorry quite delayed 🙂

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