Waldeinsamkeit – valtʔaɪ̯nzaːmkaɪ̯t

A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside. – Winnie the pooh

Waldeinsamkeit – A German word that describes the inexplicable feeling of being alone in the woods. A woodland solitude. I remember I asked a friend why he loves travelling to the mountains. He simply told me, because he loves the calmness, serenity and silence that nature offers. It’s like his spirit is being renewed and he always goes back to the city charged up and full of life.

And you know what, I took his word for it 🙂

After coming home from my travels to Sagada and Vigan City, I can’t help feeling restless. Things are calling me and it’s like my hair is being pulled by the stars again! hahaha So when one of my best friends, Oma, is about to celebrate her birthday, we planned to go camping in the woodlands of Anawangin Cove, Zambales 🙂

The beautiful Anawangin Cove of Zambales

My friends and I met at the showroom around midnight and drove for about 4 hours to Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales then we took another 30-minute boat ride to Anawangin Cove. There’s no road leading to Anawangin, it’s either you trek across the mountains or you ride a boat going to the cove. There’s no electricity or any signal of some sort either, so we charged up our mobile phones, portables chargers, cameras, flashlights etc. before leaving Manila.

Anawangin is one of the many interesting tourist spots here in Zambales, which makes it home to one of the most beautiful white beaches in the Philippines. Some of which are the popular Nagsasa Cove and Capones Island. If you’re an outdoorsy type who loves camping, be surrounded by beautiful scenery and pine trees swaying through the fresh wind, or hike along the fine landscape of the surrounding mountains, then this adventure is really meant for you 🙂

So serene…

We reached Pundaquit a bit earlier than we expected, and it was still dark so we doze off for a bit inside the car and woke up few hours later and rode a boat going to our destination. It was my first time ever to go see Anawangin and it’s every bit of a hidden paradise as the ones I’ve seen on pinterest photos haha! The sands are pearly white and the waters around it are sparkling shades of blues and greens. Behind the beach are massive mountain ranges and a different dimensions of marsh and woodlands 🙂

The portal to the woodlands.


Camping site in Anawangin

It’s been a while since me and friends went on a roadtrip and really bond outside of the city. It’s fun seeing them in the city for coffee, dinner, drinks, shopping, etc but it’s different when you’re away from all the city buzz. And the fact that these girls are Manilenya not to mention, maaarte! So it’s a challenge bringing them to the woods haha 🙂

Well, given the fact that I, myself is also maarte but hey, I’m proud to say that I’m now a graduate haha Yeah, I still get tantrums like a 10-year old from time to time and a true-blooded-bratinella but falling in love with nature made me more patient and it has helped me improve a lot. Hey, cheers to me! haha

Non stop eating and non stop bashing with my maarte friends haha nah, still love them though 🙂
Andrew, our designated cook.
Helloo from us! Gresh with the camera, Chammy, Oma, Andrew, April and me!
Our campsite by the shore
I’m a proud camper! Yep, I managed to put my tent all by myself! 🙂


Beach, woods, and no make up 🙂



No filters needed, as in! This beautiful sunset will make you fall in love 🙂
Gresh and the photobombers haha

Upon reaching camp site, we immediately prepared for brunch. We were sooo starving big time and exhausted from the long drive but seeing this place makes the travel (not to mention the scary isolated roads to get here) makes it definitely worthwhile. The place is so serene, that it’s impossible not to feel sleepy especially with a full tummy hehe After taking siesta, we then plunged in for a swim! It was on January so the weather is still chilly but definitely tolerable. We spent the entire day catching up, drinking, laughing and gossiping! haha typical day lol

We were supposed to wait for the sunrise the next morning but we were too exhausted (and slightly drunk from drinking Cuervo the whole night haha) to wake up that early. But I still managed to convince them to go on a baby-hiking and the experience was sooooo surreal! We get to see the breathtaking view of the entire cove and the surrounding mountain ranges. The weather was totally being agreeable that day, as it’s not too sunny and not to windy as well. The hike isn’t so high so we weren’t too exhausted when we reached the peak. Of course there’s a different trek for people who are really camping inside the woods but for beginners such as ourselves, this was fine 🙂

Hos over bros 🙂
The forever awesome threesome!
Anawangin!! I miss you already!
Seriously it’s like you’re walking on air…
Does this landscape look familiar? Imagine thousands of banner men marching from the North to avenge Ned Stark’s death… Uhmmm sorry, nerd alert 🙂
Me and my tattoos are happy to be here!


Sorry if I’m blocking the view 🙂


Admiring the awesome view with the Birthday girl 🙂
It’s Chammy’s first time to camp! She’s so fulfilled hahaha
Kc and crazy friends, strike again. See you again soon Zambales!!

Anawangin is indeed a magical place. But what makes it more special is that I get spent my vacation with my closest friends who are as crazy as I am. For me, that’s what life is all about, finding people who are as kind of crazy haha. It’s a long weekend for most of us for the next few days, so go on a road trip with your friends. Go to some place magical like Anawangin or Nagsasa or Capones Island, go have fun and make new memories! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

xxoo, KC



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