When KC Travels to Italy Part 2

Travel is rebellion in its purest form.

Oh Milano… I’ve always imagined Milan as a glamorous, exciting, rich city. And surely, it didn’t failed my expectations. Despite the tiring travel from Udine to Milan, and the gloomy weather that greeted me upon my arrival in the city, still Milan is every bit of luxury and beautiful architecture as I have expected!

Considered as one of the world’s fashion capital, Milan offers endless opportunities for chic shopping. Milan, the capital of Lombardy is the biggest industrial city of Italy with about 1.3 million people. The city’s beautiful buildings and palazzos totally stands out along with its rich history, no wonder so many people from across the globe (me included) are mesmerized by this great city.

The massive Milano Centrale!
After a week of eating only Italian food, I seriously missed eating rice and drinking hot tea, so perfect for the cold weather.

I arrived in Milan on a Saturday but due to exhaustion from travelling and the fact that I’m still unbelievably suffering from jet-lag, I didn’t get the chance to enjoy the night life of Milan. I can’t believe I was asleep already at 8 o’clock in the evening! WTF?! haha

The next day, my only concern is to look for a laundry shop because even though I brought TOO many clothes with me, I still feel like I’m running out of good clothes. Oh the pains of being women.. 🙂

It’s a good thing that my relatives who are living in Parma, an hour drive out of Milan, came to visit me and toured me around. And yes, they helped me with my laundry hehe

Breakfast of the champions: hot lemon tea, freshly baked cornetto, cereal with milk and of course, NUTELLA! 🙂
The awesome do-it-yourself laundry machines of Milan.
Meet Ate Gina, my dad’s cousin who drove all the way to Milan just to spend a day with me 🙂
Il Duomo di Milano

We visited another relative’s restaurant that offers Filipino food just at the downtown Milan. After having lunch, we then headed back to Milan center and toured around the Duomo and Milan’s shopping district.

The majestic columns inside the cathedral is totally breathtaking
Just look at the details! So beautiful!
With so many things to be thankful for, I can only start with a thanksgiving prayer.
A much needed pose in front of the Ferrari race car haha
Ciao Milano!
Despite the thick cold weather, we still couldn’t resist to eat delicious gelato!
The server was kind enough to give me a biscuit 🙂

The next day I traveled north to Cantu where my next destination company is located. I loved the experience of travelling all over Italy but my main problem was my heavy luggages! Damn these heavy luggages, I have to carry them from platforms to platforms! Why don’t they have escalators on every platforms UGH!

My train schedule at 9.39 Chiasso which I almost missed because I got on a wrong platform haha
Yep, I got on the wrong platform which means I got on the wrong train haha stupid me.
My home for the next few days.
My sweet tooth striked again 🙂

With about an hour train ride from Milan, situated about 6 miles south-east of the province capital Como, and west of Brianza area, Cantù is known as the home for many very well-known premium Italian Designer Furniture companies. It was only during mornings that I really get to see the sun, the rest of the days are mostly cloudy, if not, it was raining hard that’s why I didn’t get the chance to check out Lake Como, too bad 😦

Just like other regions, Cantu also has great food! I really enjoyed every meal and of course, with the company of the colleagues that I’m with.

Large pizza all for myself! Yum!
Large, authentic pizza all for myself! Yum!
One of the best grilled tuna I’ve ever tasted!
Delicious dessert like a tunnel of goodness.



Italians eat bread like we Asians eat rice 🙂 And of course they end each meal with a cup of espresso.
Best dessert ever!



Insalata with sweet berries and apple, soooo good 🙂


Ice cream with coffee, now that’s a new experience.
These are Marco and Stefano. When they mean business, they really mean business. But boy, they sure have a great personality and sense of humour! I never stopped laughing whenever I’m with them 🙂
I’m seating in a very well hand-crafted armchair from this marvelous company from Cantu 🙂

I stayed with the company for the whole weekday and I must say that it has been very, very productive indeed. My colleagues have been all accommodating and helped me a lot in understanding the company and products even more. It’s like working with some old friends 🙂 On my last night with them, my colleagues took me out for an Aperitivo on town. For those of you who do not know, aperitivo is one of the many interesting meal traditions of the Italians. It is a pre-meal drink before having dinner. It’s their casual way to meet up with friends – sometimes blind dates haha the aperitivo experience is a chance to socialize and relax while snacking before dinner, and ultimately fun!

My super friendly colleagues Eduardo, Valentina, Barbara and Martin. Fun night!
Eduardo’s mom who works at the bar is one of the coolest!


Strawberry-flavored beer
Strawberry-flavored beer

Eating Crab Pasta was such a bitch, but oh so irresistible!

Hot and cold dessert
Fun night with these two beautiful ladies 🙂
Here comes the liquor! haha

I will surely remember this wonderful night 🙂

After staying with the company for 5 days, it was yet again time for me to travel once more. I was kinda sad and brokenhearted to leave because I really made great friends during the small amount of days that I stayed here in Cantu. But at the same time, I’m also excited to travel back to Milan because I will be meeting my Mom there and we will travel together to Paris, France for the weekend! Yey!

To be continued…









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