My world at 27

Little KC

Oh how time flies!! One moment I was just dressing up for pre-school and the next thing I knew I’m paying my electric bills with my own salary! Hahaha

It still amazes me how the past 26 years of my life has been such a blur but at the same time, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that I’ve been blessed yet again for another year of existence in this wonderful world 🙂

Despite the hardships in life and the fact it always isn’t fair, I’m still grateful. No hard feelings, even though I’m still not engaged to a smokin’ hot rockstar or that I’m not walking down the runway as one of the Victoria Secret supermodels. Even though there’s no back packing across Northern America for me or that I haven’t started my own business yet (Oh please God let it be sooner) Really, I have no hard feelings 🙂

I bid farewell to the 26 years that have gone by, I now say welcome to a new year! And as I embark on a new chapter in my life, I wanna share with you all the life hacks I’ve learned that helped me go through all the ups and downs this wonderful life has to offer:

27. Always start your day right. There are moments when you feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and this could take a big toll on your day but trust me you can always turn it around. Simply by taking a hearty breakfast, drink a cup of tea or listening to good music while on the shower or meditating right after you woke up.

26. Appreciate 8 hours of sleep. How I always argue with my parents back then whenever they make me take a siesta during midday and interrupting my playtime! Damn, now I would give anything in the world and I would kill in exchange of the most valuable hours of sleep!

25. Surround yourself with positive people. After all these years, one of the important things I realized is to stay clear of negative vibes, insecure, hypocrite people and those who would drag me down.

24. Mom is always right. I know we hate to admit it, but our moms are almost always right. As in like, 99.9% at the time. And even though we always tend to deny it, deep in our hearts we always seek for their advice (up to the tiniest details like what color should I get for my bed sheets up to the grandest life decisions).

My pretty mom who knows best. I hope she doesn’t read this post or she’s gonna brag about it the whole day! haha

23. Trust your own taste of music and be proud of it. I remember I was making fun of my sister cause she’s a die-hard fun of K-Pop! But she would just shrug me off and go about worshipping them haha now I’ve become an avid fan of a Japanese rock band called One Ok Rock and I love them to the core!!! And hell yeah, I don’t understand their lyrics but that doesn’t stop me in listening to their great music 🙂

22. People change, so are people’s waistline! Ugh! I hate looking back at my photos 5-8 years ago, I was soo skinny! And now I hate how much I’ve been killing myself just to get back to that shape. Then I realized one thing which leads me to item 21 –

Oh, this was me representing our school gazillion years ago with the basketball hunks! 🙂

21. Happiness isn’t size specific. Just cause of what society dictates on social medias that gives pressure to us women and men that we should look like this or like that, then I say PISS OFF! For as long you’re happy within yourself, you’re happy right? Simple as that 🙂

I’m a woman of curves and I love it 🙂

20. There are three great things in life that money CAN buy : International travel, excellent food and patron-seat concerts. Invest on these people, you won’t regret it 🙂

The Cologne Cathedral during my visit in Germany for the World Youth Day. I miss it!


Gotta love Italian 🙂
Foster the People live in Manila. The experience would have been better if I were in Patron Seats 😦


19. Do an act of random kindness. Really, people, an act of random kindness each day can make this world a brighter place. Never yell at people or be rude to them cause everyone is fighting their own battles. Give extra tip for a good service, you have no idea how much that small amount can give a huge happiness to some people.

18. Don’t complicate things; Tell them how you feel. In relationships, we always tend to put drama first, we don’t tell how we feel, we wait for them to figure it out. What a waste of time, really. I mean, life is so mediocre and love shouldn’t be one of them. So if you miss someone, call them. If you love someone, tell them.

17. Be fearless. Life is too short to overthinking and doubting yourself for something you know you’re completely capable of. Back then, I was so used of my hair being so long and so dark that everytime my mom would have it trimmed, I usually cry. I know guys wouldn’t understand this petty matter, but for us girls, cutting our hair is such a big deal! So as fashion progressed in my life, I finally learned to get rid of the fear of cutting my hair. So every now and then I try to be adventurous and play with it. Come on, it’s not like it’s never gonna grow back.

My hairvolution! Gathered from months of hairstyling haha which one is your fave look on me? Let me know okay 🙂


16. Augustus Waters was right, apparently the world is not a wish-granting factory. If it is, then I’m a mega-gazillionaire by now. So learn to compromise with life, reach your goals but at the same time, learn to appreciate what you have.

15. It’s okay to ask for help. I’ve always had this sick notion of doing everything by myself without seeking the help of others. Even when I sooooo desperately need them, my huge ego would backfire at me so bad that at the end of the day, it’s either I get things done or it’s a complete disaster. It’s okay to ask for help or advice, because you’re just human for pete’s sake! So now I can only allow myself to feel completely helpless whenever I’m drying my manicure 🙂

14. If you can run three miles, you can run six miles and so on and so forth. I’ve always hated working out! I feel like gyms are so boring that the only way to entertain yourself is to check other people out which can be creepy and annoying. So try to put fun into working out, like running in the park and be with nature, or join sports that will help you achieve your dream weight but interacting with real people at the same time.

Spotted! Pink gi on the mats.

13. It’s extremely essential to learn household chores. I’m not lazy when it comes to doing household chores but I don’t enjoy it either. I was raised with someone doing the laundry for me, or cooking my meals and buying my chips at the sari-sari store for me, but as I get older, I came to realize that I should be doing most of these things for myself. Besides, you’ll feel superior over some lame spoiled brat who can’t even wash their own underwear!

12. Our parents are the best. No matter how my dad annoys me for always changing the channel to some lame noon-time show or basketball game, or how my mom just constantly nags me how I should cook a certain dish her way, and how much I wanna take off my two arms just so there’s something I could throw at them, still I love them with every bit of my atom.

The couple who drives me nuts! haha I love them both 🙂

11. Siblings are the second best. Life would be extremely boring if it weren’t for my siblings, who when we were kids, trained me to be tough and stand up for myself! hahaha yeah, there was always rumble at the house when we were kids, and now our relationship has grown to loving, mature and always being there for each other no matter what.

The little 3 KCs
Not so little 3 KCs

10. Your BFFs are your soulmates. Yep, they’re your soulmates, not your girlfriend, boyfriend, booty calls, wifey or hubby, but your BFFs. They are the ones who can see through your wicked soul, witness all your awkward stages in life, kept your ultimate, darkest secrets and you’re back up plan in everything you do.

The best gayboyfriend evah! 🙂
The best lesbians bffs evah! haha
Photo with highschool buddies taken from Singapore
The peach and apple of my eye 🙂


The best and original RAC 🙂

9. Relationships is all about compatibility. Sure, there’s love, attraction, admiration, or whatever you wanna put in the table, but when two lovers can’t even eat the same food or don’t share the same enthusiasm in one of the partners affiliation or what not, then trust me it’s not gonna last. I think the best ingredient of every relationship is compromise; learning to love and embrace what your partner’s passion is all about. If neither of you can’t compromise, then most likely your relationship is doomed to failure.

8. If people don’t empathize with you regarding your recently read book, then life is all but ruins. Don’t you just feel the frustration when you are soooo inclined into this certain book that you literally read it more than 10 times, and then people around you doesn’t seem to care at all?! Or when you are so hooked to a TV Series and people’s reactions are like, Blah. Ugh! I hate that.

7. When someone broke your heart, punch them in the face and go get yourself an ice cream. Don’t allow yourself to mope around, okay fine you can cry a little but not entirely like a river. Trust me, they’re not worth it.

6. You’re allowed to have a bad day. No matter how bubbly and positive your personality is, there’s always a day in a week when you’re not feeling it and it’s okay to rant and bitch about it.

5. Never compare your accomplishments to your ‘social’ friends’ achievements over facebook. Trust me, it’s gonna kill you little by little. It’s gonna feed in your insecurities and suck the happiness out of you. If they’ve achieved something for themselves, be happy for them, never wish them ill and compare yourself to them because you’re a unique individual and God created you for a different purpose in life.

4. Not everyone will land on their dream job. It sucks that you’d have to endure tons and tons of horrible bosses before you land to your dream job. We always had this notion that after quitting the other there’s a great chance of finding the perfect job, with the perfect colleagues and the perfect salary, well I’m sorry to break the ice for you my friend, but that’s just not always the case. I’ve had my fair share of horrible jobs before but because of that, it took me where I am now and I’m glad 🙂 My job is a far cry from perfect but what makes it worthwhile is being able to utilize my skills, education and personality in what I do and enhancing it with the people who share the same ideals as I do 🙂

3. Make mistakes, learn from them and never do it again. We were meant to live to experience life and savor each moment in it, but we can’t deny that we take wrong turns every now and then. This honed us to become a better version of ourselves and it’s important to really learn from them and pass the wisdom to the next generation. But hey, learn from it and avoid going through that path ever again.

2. P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens. I remember during the first quarter of this year my sales record is ultimately zero percent. I was so stressed, my skin is breaking out, I’m finding comfort in cupcakes which is such a stupid thing to do! haha So every night before I go home I would drop by St. Peter’s Parish and light candles to ask for some blessings from Him, mostly encouragement for me to keep on going and pursuing what I love, and now I’m sooo pleased that I have the best sales performance this year! 🙂 yeeeyy!!!

1. The world is your lobster. You may have heard this a couple of times before, but really, you gotta love yourself. Don’t feed yourself with insecurities, don’t hang on to something isn’t real, don’t go chasing over boys because if they really like you, they’ll make a way to keep you. Read a lot, watch movies to you hearts content, run like there’s no tomorrow, and aim high as if the clouds aren’t so far-fetched. It doesn’t matter if you travel cheap as long as you enjoyed every bit of it. Love unconditionally, as if you’re never been brokenhearted before. And lastly, enjoy every bit of life cause it’s your lobster! 🙂

Happy Birthday fellow Librans! Let’s have fun on our day!




2 comments on “My world at 27

  1. Oh, wow ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! !
    * sings *

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday, happy birthday,
    Happy Birthday to you .

    Be happy, always. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    Things happen for a reason. Persevere. Be patient.

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