I’d trade for a pessimistic fairytale

Like the sea leaves the shore, if I drift from your side. Honey you can be sure I’ll come in like the tide, right back through your door. I don’t need no roof. I don’t need no walls. I need you and that’s all. That’s all.

That’s it. The chick flick movies, romantic novels, and love songs has killed it again for me. I am once again consumed by the fact that fairytales are simply a far cry to something reasonably reachable.

According to Samantha Borgens from the movie Stuck in love (which is a must-see movie by the way)there are only two people in this world; hopeless romantics and realists. Wait, should we go pick a team? She says, hopeless romantics are the people who believe that every human being is destined to be with someone who is specifically designed for them. Whilst the realists are the people who believes that relationships require a lot of work so they avoid it at all costs, and accepts the fact that they can never be perfect so might as well stop trying to be, and just go with the flow. These people are most likely the ones who get laid a lot.

Like a leaf from the tree, if I slip from your limbs. Honey wait till the spring I’ll be home safe again, right back through your door. And if you’ll be my home. Then I won’t need no roof, I won’t need to walls. I need you and that’s all. That’s all.  

The truth is, I’m not quite sure which team I belong. Like I said, the movies and books has killed it for me. These romantic novels and chickflicks have given me false hope over the years that everything will turn out as fairy-tale-like in the end. But given that fact, I can’t find myself turning away from it, or daydreaming about it mainly because deep, deep down in my heart, I’m hoping that one day, I will have my own fairy tale. My Prince Charming may not be riding a horse in a shining armour or something, but I know he’ll be willing to endure the terrible traffic in Manila just to fetch me from work. He may not be a famous poet or a good writer and worse, 99% at the time he won’t be saying the right things to make me happy, but I know he’ll be the one to take me out for ice cream or bring me cupcakes because he knows it comforts me after having a bad day. I may not have the perfect skin or perfect hair or the fact that I always squeeze into my jeans, but he’ll be appreciative of my curves, he’ll look at me and finds me beautiful, and would make me feel beautiful despite my insecurities.

Not in brick, not in wood do my memories reside. I could leave them for you. It’s to you – that I’m tied. 

He may not know how to serenade me with the guitar or that he may always be singing in the wrong key, but I know he’ll be standing with me on the front lines singing to our favorite artist up to the top of our lungs. He won’t be perfect, and I don’t want him to be because I’m flawed as well. I’m not gonna even try to change him because I know he will cherish me the way I am, the way I was built, and the woman I want to be. He won’t be thinking about me every single day, or be with me every single hour, but I know I’ll be the center of his universe and I’ll be his inspiration to go through life. So I’m not gonna hurt him, I’m not gonna make him feel less of a man because I know he’ll be giving me a part of him I can break. My promise is I will make him smile when he’s feeling down, yell at him when I get mad or when I’m having PMS, shower him kisses when he needs it, act like a dork just to hear him laugh, and love him unconditionally like he’s never gonna break my heart.








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