Surviving Valentine’s Day

“Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand. – Anonymous”

Seasons of Love. A day when the air is filled with extra happiness and the sun seems to shine brighter than any other day. Love notes and serenades are dedicated at radio stations, and the streets are filled with couple exchanging flowers, cards and loving sentiments punctuated with warm feelings of love and admiration. But for some people around the world, there’s one thing missing that prevents them in joining the rest of the world in celebrating that day : a date.

Let’s be honest, being dateless on Valentine’s day can really be a bummer. No matter what you do, or where you go, you’d be hunted by feelings of loneliness and self-doubt. But you know what’s even worse? It’s when you’ll be spending Valentine’s day at home curing a god-forsaken illness like Dengue-turned-Measles. Yes, I’m writing this entry on my blog after experiencing excruciating fever and pain from hospital needles caused by this stupid measles. Now I can’t even go out and celebrate with my friends because I look horrible and I don’t want them to catch this virus! Argh! What have I ever done to upset the god of love and beauty and she’s punishing me like this? 😦

Oh what the hell. Forever alone? Might as well, own it. There’s really nothing else to do but to just suck it up right? Besides, it’s just one day of the entire year where you feel bummed about this and makes you feel weary and very much aware of your loneliness. But the other 364 days? Not so much! Honestly, after 2 years of flying solo, it feels kinda normal to me. So pick up your nice ass, my friend, because being single and dateless on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world. And to cheer you up, let me enlighten you why being single on this celebrated day of love has it’s own perks 🙂


Let’s face it. Looking for the perfect gift for your partner is not only stressful but costly. You spend weeks or months window-shopping for the perfect gift. Yeah, hopeless romantic might say “If it’s for your loved ones, then it’s worth every penny.” But come on, you’re missing on the point of practicality. Especially if that loved one keeps on pointing to useless stuff around the mall then my friend, your bank savings is screwed. So think of the amount of money you’ll be saving this year.


Who says singles can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day? 🙂 Could there anything more paradise-like than going to a party full of single people, searching for love and partying hard all night? Nah, I don’t think so. So call up your friends, dress-to-kill, meet new people, get lose and celebrate this day as an unattached person! But don’t expect anything from this adventure though: Just have a great time, and discover new people and enjoy good laughs. This isn’t about falling for anyone out of loneliness.


I’m such a movie-geek so I’m really looking forward to just get on my sweat pants, buy LOTS of junk food, and seat comfortably on my couch watching movies all day long till my head aches! hahaha I’ve always been busy with work so I have a LOT of TV series to catch up with. See, this is one of the great advantages of being alone on this day. If you feel like watching chick flicks all night and cry your eyes out, please do! Isn’t it great to watch whatever you want without the company of someone who’s just forced to watch it because you say so? And isn’t it great to watch cable without being threatened that the channel with be changed every now and then to brutal martial arts competition? LOL So if you feel like watching Titanic sixty times in a row and still cry like a baby all the time, then you’re in luck!


Instead of worrying about giving someone a gift this day, why not give yourself one. Like a reward for staying strong up to this day. You should also stop waiting for that ex or some guy to give you stuffed toy or heart-shaped chocolates because, sadly, it might not happen at all. So why not buy for yourself and consider treating yourself up. If you see a teddy bear and you think it’s so cute you want it for your bed, give in. If you’ve been dying to buy that little black dress and that sexy pair of red heels, give in. Or better yet, splurge on buying something you really, really like to have like that bottle of perfume, gadget or home accessory. Bottom line is, treat yourself ’cause you deserve it.


Try not to sulk on Valentine’s Day just ’cause you’re alone. You know what always does the trick? Going to SPA. Ohmmmiiiggosssh nothing beats the soothing experience of body massage followed by manicure and pedicure with cute designs on your nails. And you know what’s even more relaxing? Water Spa! Then afterwards you can drop by at the salon and get that beautiful haircut you’ve always wanted. This day can be relaxing and stress-free, you just gotta stop sulking in your bed and crying over that failed relationship that gave you nothing but bags under your eyes and wrinkles on your forehead. So take a new turn, bring your friends with you and have a blast!


Nothing beats depression best unlike breaking a sweat. So go on and hit the gym, or enroll yourself on a sports activity. Go on a hike and explore the wild with your friends and family. Another fun idea, is dance class! hehe I spent almost half of my school days dancing on every school activity and I’m missing it. I missed grooving to the music and just let it go, you know. So I suggest you try it and learn new crafts. Who knows, maybe you can be paired with your future boo 🙂


If you don’t feel like being on your own on Valentine’s Day, call up your friends and family. Spend the night out with them or go on road trips to make it more fun and exciting. These people will always be there for you no matter what, so they’d be glad to tuck you in. Just try not to mope around and tell them over and over again your sad story. Remember, you’re with them to have fun so try not to spoil your moments together, alright?

So, stop feeling sorry about yourself, not even for one second. These past lovers, no matter how horrible the breakup is, just be glad that it’s finally out of your hair. If you feel blue whenever you’re third-wheeling during night outs and lunch dates with your couple friends, don’t be. Pretty soon you’ll be going out on double dates, or better yet, have lots of free time for yourself. Try to forget for one moment about that unrequited love or loving the wrong person because it’s just giving you stress all over! That cute guy you always liked a lot got you friendzoned? Well, try to get that new haircut and work your ass off the gym so he’ll get to notice you! 🙂 Bottom line is, Valentines Day isn’t all that bad just ’cause you’re single and dateless so shake that drama off your shoulders ’cause you’re gonna be just fine 🙂

And to all those who are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, keep it up and spread the love! 🙂

So there, if I haven’t said yet it, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂





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