Confessions of a Workaholic

“Monday isn’t all that bad. Maybe it’s your job that sucks.”

I can’t believe how time flies so fast. Just last September, I was celebrating my 26th birthday with my wonderful friends and family and now I’m waking up with a cold breeze of November and only a few days left,  Christmas is soon upon us! 🙂

I really felt like I owe you, my devoted readers, an update on what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months. But the thing is, I really don’t know where to start! HAHAHA I’ve been very occupied with my busy work and I regret not giving much time to update my blog. I felt like I’ve been missing on a lot! 😦 We’ve been working on a very fast paced at work; gathering orders, meeting deadlines, handling different brands and so on! It actually amazes me how I have managed to stay away for like 18-19 hours a day! Wheew!

Photo taken on my birthday. Cheers to 26 years! 🙂

I admit, I feel incredibly guilty for staying late almost everyday in the office and being the first to arrive during the mornings. Some people may constantly check their phones for facebook and instagram updates, but not this girl. My phones has to be constantly 100% charged so I may be able to check my emails, messages from clients, updates from suppliers abroad, everywhere on the go. It really felt like 24 hours a day is extremely not enough for me! There’s just so much to do in so little time. Okay, screw that, this may sound like an intervention but so be it, I’m a self-confessed workaholic. There I said it.

I remember a friend of mine texted and invited me to join their volleyball team and play with them until the league ends (yeah, I play volleyball too, duh! haha), and I texted back “Sorry girl, di na kaya ng sked ko. Need to work late. xox” (Sorry girl, my schedule is too full.). Then moments later, I asked myself, am I entirely sorry for turning the invitation down? Am I sorry for staying up late almost everyday for the entire week? The thing is, I really don’t think so. Why should I be apologetic for loving my job and gaining satisfaction in it?

Some of my friends had this impression that I always do work and not play, but that’s not really the case. One would actually be amazed how capable I am in juggling multiples works, attend Jiu Jitsu training, ready a good book, prepare my meals everyday and still be able to go out of town trips, have fun and meet my friends from time to time. Mind you, I’ve been going out and about different places here in the country and just a month ago, I had a business/pleasure trip to Singapore with my work colleague. Who’s says I’m too uptight? haha 🙂

Photo taken during my business trip to Singapore. A side trip to Universal Studio which brings out the kid in everyone! 🙂 The story and more photos to be posted soon!

For some people, they think that workaholics are incapable of relaxing. That they don’t know how to have fun, have a life out of their daily jobs, cheer on to life, or whatever that suits their definition of living life. Y.O.L.O. as what they say. But, you know, maybe workaholics just don’t speak the same language as you are. People have different personalities, values and projections in life, and for some unexplainable reasons, workaholism is not widely accepted by the society. We always think the we can only get that familiar satisfaction through friends, relationships, occasional leisure etc but definitely not with “work”. Most of us thought that people who are stuck at work are miserable or that they’re always doing something that they hate.

What if your work is something that makes you happy? What if doing your job is something you’re passionate about and gives you that thrilling satisfaction? Would you really hold it against yourself? Everytime I think about helping out my clients beautify their homes with our furniture pieces, I get this different kind of fulfillment in my heart. I couldn’t wait to help them and get involve in the design interfaces , hold meetings, meet clients and their design team and so on. I’m always ecstatic to learn more about our suppliers abroad, talk to different nationalities, and build a great, harmonious working relationship with them. I just love so many things about my work and there are also lapses that I see which I can’t wait to improve on.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re a workaholic, you shouldn’t feel apologetic and feeling guilty about loving it that much. Every country have unemployment issues and don’t you just feel grateful that you have a job that pays your expenses and stuff. So if you’re a self-proclaimed workaholic just like me, cheer on! I’m sure you’re still on the right path 🙂





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