The Busy Queen

So a friend of mine is so curious about who are the guys I’m currently dating and who among them I like the most. I couldn’t think of any, because ridiculous as it sound, I’m not seeing anyone. I’m still single, all by myself waking up in a bed somewhere with the only thing that worries me is what I’m having for breakfast 🙂 I’ve missed writing to you, my dear reader, so I’m not gonna bore you out with my boring relationship status, so don’t fret.

I don’t know how to start what I’m about to you say because it felt like ages since I last wrote you, isn’t it? This year for me started off as a blah and I’m not expecting much with regards to work, social life or love life for that matter. But during the past few months, I’ve been extremely blessed with lots of projects. I can’t wait to tell you that our furniture company is branching out and I’ve been asked to manage that office in the heart of Makati City 🙂 YEEEY!!! Hi-five! But since it’s in Makati area and of course, I’ll still be handling some projects here in our main branch in Ortigas Center it’ll be so hard for me to travel back and forth from my place (which is soooooo faaar) to my two offices so I’ll be relocating soon. I still haven’t decided where, to be honest, I’m still not looking for a place to move in. I’m pretty excited though! 🙂 I actually have tons of inspiration for my so-called KC-Relocation-Project hahaha

Being artsy and maarte as I am, I want my KC-Relocation-Project to be surrounded by pops of colors and artwork! Just like this inspiration board that I found on the net. Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

Scandinavian Ecclectic inspiration for my KC-Relocation-Project 🙂 What do you think?

Of course I want it to be spacious but if it’s beyond my budget then I’m  gonna have to adjust. As long as there’s enough space for me to sleep, read some books and entertain my best friends in case they wanna hang out, then that would be suitable for me 🙂 I’m a bit frightened with the idea of living alone in an unfamiliar place upon hearing some stories from my friends who are currently living independently in the Metro, but they are also encouraging me to do this. As they’re exact words were like, spread your wings, paint the town red into the infinity and beyond. What? Wait, I think that was the liquor speaking hahaha Yeah, given the fact that since my parents and sister are residing abroad and I’m staying in my parent’s house with my brother, it seems like we’re living independently because we’re paying everything from our own pockets. But still, it’s different when you are living in a house or unit all by yourself, from scratch and make it work with your own efforts with no one to rely on to, you know. Sure it’s scary as hell but it really excites me! 🙂 Can’t wait to go apartment-hunting!

By the way, I haven’t mentioned that I’m learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now! hahahaha Yeah I know, you might think that I’m too kikay for it, and you’re not wrong! hahahaha Whenever my friends asked me what got into me that I enrolled myself in a very physical and strenuous martial art, I can only answer them back with a shrug! hahaha Okay fine, the thing is, I was really struggling to lose that remaining 10 lbs and I was on my way to go jogging after work when I stumble upon a poster in our building about learning Jiu Jitsu. So I went upstairs and check out what it’s all about. And the people there are friendly and invited me to try it out. The scenario was, I was on my jogging short-shorts, take note – SHORT and a hoodie and I thought that my attire is quite appropriate enough to try it. (Never thought it through apparently) And since I’d rather be with a bunch of healthy and fit people than to jog in the middle of the night all by myself! But holy crap, am I surprised about the drills that they’re doing!? The drills include spreading your legs wide or rolling backwards on your back and shoulders etc. and I was like WHOAAA!! Hello to my Infinite Area!!! GGeeeeezzzzz hahahaha not to mention, there were like 10 guys out there and there’s only three girls, including me! Imagine the horror and panic that my very, very appropriate outfit caused me .

I’m sure I’m gonna be anyone’s target when they see me wearing this super cute pink Gi. But it’s just soo pretty! I want one 😦

Downside : Bruises on my knees, chest and ribs, cuts on my elbows and choke marks on my neck 😦 But on the brighter side, now I can knock down a 6-footer man weighing about 200lbs, mount on him and twist his arms til he succumbs! oohhyeaaah

As I was on the corner doing some basic drills, there’s this guy who came in late. I didn’t knew that their common greetings is approaching the other members and like tap their shoulders or shake their hands etc. And so, as I was on my corner trying hard and looking ridiculous in doing the shrimp, this guy who came in late suddenly approached me and tapped my shoulder. I was startled and I looked up and the next thing was like…. everything around moved in slow motion! I swear, I think my jaw dropped a little because he is like the most gwapong chinito I’ve ever laid my eyes on!!! OHMYGAAWD It’s crush at first sight! HAHAHAHA The crazy thing was, I’m soooo sure he thought I’m stupid because I was a bit staring (okay, fine I’m glaring!!) with my mouth slightly opened as he walked away from me! The scenario people, the scenario! It’s soooooo embarrassing!! haaaayyy

It’s been a month actually since I enrolled for the trial month period and now I think I’m ready to enroll myself in the regular class. At first I was really, really hesitant to pursue this because who am I kidding, I’m too girly for this! Mind you, the first time I had a sparring and this big guy turned me over, I literally SCREAMED like a girl!!! Omg right??! I immediately covered my mouth but I couldn’t hide the redness in my face because of the embarrassment! waaaahhh But on the succeeding classes, as my coaches patiently take turns to teach me the right moves and all, and with the help of jiu jitsu videos on youtube, I’m really getting started to get hooked! 🙂 Plus, this cute chinito guy is my goal to be a sparring mate! HAHAHAHA

See you on the mats people!




One comment on “The Busy Queen

  1. It’s great that you are learning to defend yourself KC …….. or are you going to be an Amazonian attacker freeing the world of corruption and big macs with fries 😉 On the plus side you will be able to hold down any man you desire 😉 (I am not volunteering !!). Have fun my friend. Ralph xox 😀

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