Blushing at Best

They say that it’s really complicated to mix work and pleasure, don’t get me wrong, I’m not eyeing some candy on my workplace if you know what I mean hehehe but I’m really looking forward to seeing this cute architect during site meetings on this one project that I’m working on.  As much as I wanna tell you more details about him, the truth is, I’m still clueless about his personal life as well. I only know him professionally and it’s sad ’cause I can’t do anything about it, well, not that I’m planning on doing anything about it but.. he’s just so pretty!!! hahahaha Pretty and masculine at the same time! He stands so tall with moreno skin and dark eyes and he always looks so sexy in his leather jacket 🙂 No judgment and all, but I’m sure that 99% of women out there are worst than an FBI agent in facebook-twitter-instagram-stalking a guy they really like hehe Well, I did that too! Hey, no judgment, I just couldn’t help it! I just wanted to know more about it, that’s all 🙂

So last week we had a meeting with him in their office and I was so excited to meet him that day. I tried my best to focus on the important details of the projects especially whenever he asks me technical questions. But once or twice I kinda slip from reality and find myself day-dreaming! (Oh crap!) He was sitting inches next to me and I can count the freckles underneath his eyes, which I find attractive. He has small goatie underneath his lower lip and he smiles every once in a while. I try to keep my cool and breathing steady, but every time our eyes meet, I can only manage to look down. You wouldn’t believe that I’m kinda shy that way hahaha So anyway, we were chatting about the next site meeting with the clients and the paper on our table suddenly fell on the floor. I was about to reach it but he was a gentleman and reached it for me, and to my surprise, the most embarrassing thing ever in my entire life next to my biggest crush happened…. We both tried to reach for the paper that fell next to my right foot and HOLY STUPID COW. I was so busy with work that I totally forgot to have a pedicure that weekend before we meet! OH THE HORROR!!!! See, this is what my pedicure looks like:


I’m pretty sure that he sees those hideous toenails with chipped nail polish that’s soo eeeewwww!! Oh man! I wanted to disappear that instant 😦 Dammit.. Lesson learned, the next time we have a site meeting, I’m gonna make sure I look squeaky polished, especially my nails! hahaha

Oh by the way, I cut my hair 🙂 What do you think?





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