Reviving Work Ethics

I want to believe that work ethic isn’t dead. The younger generations may not understand what work ethic means and surprisingly, even the older generation is ignorant about it. For some, “job” is just something like a routine which they do on a regular basis where they can consume company resources for free and browse their facebook pages or texting while doing some “paper works.” Yeah, for them that sure is multi-tasking.

Yesterday my team and I are scheduled to meet with a VVVVIP client in our showroom that afternoon. I was rushing to the nearest grocery store to buy the finest supplies like coffee, tea, pastries etc. that we can offer to our client. As I said, the client is a VIP so I couldn’t give the responsibility to our assistants the buying of these supplies because they don’t have the keen eye and taste of what will satisfy the client yet. As I was waiting for my turn at the counter I couldn’t help but inform the lady clerk to hurry up because it took her like, 15 minutes to bag the purchases of the client before me. I don’t have 15 minutes!! I have 2 minutes max! This is one of those moments when I really, really try not be bitchy but it pisses me off when some people just couldn’t understand the urgency you are dealing with.

I never thought that some lame seminars about work ethics I attended few years ago would come on handy! I learned that in your professional life, you should perform beyond mere work, aim to become something better, and do something higher. Just like most of you, I struggled a lot in order to achieve my colleagues and boss’s respect and faith. A year ago, I was a childish, sloppy, egotistical employee who even fights with her boss and literally speaks her mind without choosing the right words. I was shocked when he called me “brat” and was in the edge of firing me! So I took a step back, reflected and I realized, I’ve got nothing to brag about in front of my boss. What the hell was I thinking, in just a snap he can replace me and look for someone more mature, responsible and definitely not a brat. Yeah, bosses can be such a pain in the ass, there’s no denying it but surely, they have every right to do so. They’re the “BOSS”. Period. There are things that you certainly have to learn the hard way, but it will definitely pay off πŸ™‚ I guess I’m just one of the people who is lucky enough to be mentored by a great boss and truly instilled in me his excellent work ethics.


You can’t expect your colleagues to follow your instructions when you, yourself can’t even follow the house rules: written or unwritten, there will always be ground rules. Most CEOs of a big company usually comes to the office 10-15 minutes before the regular work time. They are the bosses and they can even not go to work and still be rich hence they’re prompt because they want to lead by example. An employee who shows high dedication to the company finishes his job everyday before leaving the office. Try to make it a point that you can finish your assignments before the week ends so by the end of the week you can just relax and enjoy your free time.


If an employee feels personally responsible about her job performance, then she shows up on time, completes her job with the best of her ability and brings out her best efforts. Everything is a domino-effect, how you perform in your job will only reflect on your company but will surely affect the people around you. Some employees find it hard to face the responsibility of job simply because they’re not taking it seriously. Your job may not reflect your own personality but it pays for everything you need so might as well embrace it and treat it with significance.


An employee with integrity promotes trusting relationships with her clients, coworkers and supervisors. It’s a pride that high salary can’t take away from you. Clients love good service, but they would truly appreciate it if you also give them a good, honest opinion. And the supervisors rely on the employee’s high moral standards, giving him his full trust in his employee’s loyalty to the company.


For some employees, they think its enough that they do their job on a bare minimum. As long as they get paid for what they do, then it all works out well. If an employee is dedicated to concentrate on excellence and quality of their work, they do their best to produce great work, not merely accept anything but great! Every employee’s efforts and commitment to quality mirrors the overall success of the company.


Having a high sense of teamwork among the employees initiates the company to reach its objectives. It’s all about helping each other out whenever they can. If an employee knows how to respect her colleagues then she will surely earn their respects and making the working environment much harmonious. At the end of the day, it’s not just one person’s success, it’s about helping the team out to meet its goals and deliver quality work.

There! πŸ™‚

All of these things are impossible to acquire overnight. Its takes a lot of nurturing and understanding among all the employees and supervisors themselves to get there. But nothing worth having comes easy, right? Personally, it took me a year to finally understood all of this and be mature about it! And honestly, I still got a huge room to improve on! hahaha We all can’t get the dream jobs that we want or we all don’t have the coworkers that we can actually be friends with, but more often than not, we just have to suck it up and work with what we have, right?

Cheers everyone!





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