Who says I’m black-thumbed?

First of, I apologize for the delay of this post. I’ve been extremely busy with work lately that I’m starting to regret about accepting my job! hahaha nah, just kidding. I just had a hard time balancing my work, jogging schedule and updating my blogsite so there, this post is almost a month delayed! So I truly apologize…

Second, I missed writing and I missed my readers!!! Hahaha now I realized how much I love writing about random things that with almost a month of being idle about it, it made me feel agitated! Whoa, I sounded like a drug-addict just a moment ago 🙂

So how have you been? I wanted to tell you so much about my holy week church activities but I haven’t compiled the photos yet, (talk about another delayed post hehe) so let’s start with what I did during Black Saturday 🙂

Lately I wanted to be surrounded by nature all the time. But living in a city where doing recreational activities in the park is very limited, (impossible even) it is quite hard to achieve. And sometimes I think, I maybe I’m getting old and that I’m starting to truly appreciate nature and the effects of it in my body and lifestyle. Plus I just wanted to improve the look of my house but in a very cost-efficient way. So I started browsing the net for DIY gardening activities that are easy to do and the next thing was, I’m picking up plants and flowers in the nearby landscaping store 🙂 And here are the instagram photos of my newly improved plant box/garden in front of my house!

and then….. TTAADDDDAAAA!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Isn’t it pretty??? 🙂 Yeah, I always get laughs from my friends and neighbors every time they see that “Hi there!” signage in my plant box. And that’s not the only signage I have, I also have this one:

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean for that signage to be offensive. I just want my neighbors to be aware and start to take care of our nature. I couldn’t  join tree-planting activities because of my work (but boy, if I can!) so this is like, my simple way of showing mother nature my appreciation of her beauty and I want my neighbors to feel the same way 🙂

This smaller plant box is on the other side near the garage. I really like this small tree!

I got this inspiration from www.apartmenttherapy.com and since then, it has become of my favorite sites to visit 🙂

I even planted tomatoes! I’m quite excited about this plant because this is the first time that I’ll be growing them! Yey!  Hopefully everything will turn out well (fingers crossed!). After a month or so, I’ll post an update about the growth of my plants. Few days ago, I added crawling plants on the front plant box and now they’re starting to grow 🙂




5 comments on “Who says I’m black-thumbed?

  1. You are not only good with your writing .. are creative and you have green fingers.
    You have done a fantastic job here … It has been so cold and still are .. so there is no tomato plants to even buy – all growers and farmers are so behind.
    I hope I will see how your tomatoes will get along with you ….
    Have a great weekend – study hard .. and play hard. *smile. Nice to hear from you.

    • Hey Viveka! It’s also nice to hear from you. And thanks for appreciating 🙂 do you also garden? now I know that gardening is no easy task! I was extremy exhausted after I finished my garden! But I’m happy all the same.

      • Hate garden … my grandma forced me when I lived her … and that put me of for life. Have loads of green plants in my apartment, more than enough for me.
        Gardening take time and hard work.

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