Grow Old with You

“Wedding is an event; Marriage is a commitment.”

–  Anonymous

It sucks to admit that I’m a hopeless romantic. I love hearing stories of love and how it all came about, a story that was challenged over time yet managed to prevail. Those kind of stories truly touches my heart and makes me wanna believe in love again. So when I found out that my cousin (Kuya Paul) from Batangas has popped the question to his long-time girlfriend (Ate Tet) during a fun run in Fort Bonifacio, we were all thrilled by these news and couldn’t wait to get our wedding invitations 🙂

On our way to Batangas. I always enjoyed roadtrips especially this one because I get to bond with my siblings 🙂

Truly, weddings bring families together. The relatives flew from Italy and some from States to witness and be a part of this long-awaited event. It’s a simple ceremony held in the gardens of La Finca Country Club in Lipa, Batangas on December 30, 2012, where this side of my extended family resides. Since it’s quite a long drive, my siblings and I decided to spend the night in the villa so we won’t be crammed in preparation for the wedding the next day. Fortunately, we arrived just in time in the afternoon of 29th because my dress wouldn’t fit me! Oh my gosh, the horror! It turns out I gained weight over the holiday vacation and now I need to alter my dress or else I won’t be walking down the aisle as one of the secondary sponsors with the cord! <long sigh>

What a relief that my dress was altered just in time before the wedding 🙂 Then it became a bit loose but, oh well, I just needed to work it haha

One of my favorite parts of the wedding, seeing the groom in all smiles as he sees his bride walk down the aisle and his mom all teary eyed and happy for her son.. Priceless.

I’m loving my bouquet

And the food! Yum!

The ceremony was very intimate, only close friends and family are invited. It’s such a blessing that the weather that day was sunny, we were even nervous the night before the wedding because it was raining so hard, and to think that it’s a garden wedding! But thank God we were greeted by fine weather the next day, too fine actually that I had a tan line on my back! haha

A stolen shot of my beautiful sister as we are waiting in lieu for our turn down the aisle.

One of our new-found friends during the wedding, Patricia 🙂

Oh yeah, we cleaned up pretty good hehe

As wedding tradition goes, whoever catches the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s garter are next to tie the knot, surprisingly, it’s my brother Kelvin and Patricia who catches both! haha 🙂

And we get to win chocolates from the parlor game, happy us hehe

My sister and I teased ourselves, always the bridesmaids but never the bride lol 🙂

Unfortunately, this is the con of having a garden wedding; your heels get sunk into the muddy ground 😦

Why am I beaming? Because I get to eat a lot! haha

From top to bottom: Our family picture with our relatives from Batangas, after the reception with the newly weds, Ate Tet as she walks down the aisle, the pretty flower girls, plus our crazy pictures inside the car and photo station 🙂

My pretty niece, Cheska, as one of the flower girls.

The couple’s station was designed very extravagantly, but it was too sunny and windy so they stayed near their principal sponsors instead.

We just can’t get enough of taking pictures! 🙂

Again, congratulations cousins! We wish you all the best that married life has to offer and make lots of babies soon! haha

And so, this messy room greeted us after the wedding! haha

Love, Love, Love 🙂

After the wedding, we visited our relatives from Malvar, Batangas and chit chatted with them for a few hours. We still have a long drive home and the next day is New Year’s Eve so we didn’t stayed too long. It’s kinda sad though, since most of our relatives weren’t able to attend the wedding because of their jobs abroad. And I made a pact to myself that if ever I’d get married, as much as possible, I want ALL of my closest relatives to be present during my day. NO is never an option hahaha 🙂 It was a Sunday so we decided to visit the Lipa Cathedral where one of the famous celebrity turned politician Governor Vilma Santos wedded, the San Sebastian Cathedral. And what a wonderful coincidence because there’s a wedding happening when we get there 🙂

The wonderful wall murals of the cathedral.

You know what, I prefer to get married in a church especially in a cathedral such as this because of its long aisle and massive domes! It’s very old-fashioned, I like it 🙂

We offered prayers for our loved ones before leaving the premises of the church.

The magnificent and well-crafted details and wood carvings inside and outside the cathedral.

I love this photo taken by me (ehem) on the first shot! This is the facade of the cathedral.

The truth is, there has been minor pressure for me and my siblings since most of our cousins and even younger than us have families of their own and already wedded. Especially when my sister mentioned that my dad wants to have a grandchild already! (Yikes!) hahaha I get a little panicky when I heard about that, to tell you the truth 🙂 Do I feel slightly envious of my relatives who are now happily married and have found their match? I would be lying if I’d say not at all, of course I do (but not so often). I guess God knows that we’re just not yet ready for such big commitment like marriage. It’s every girls dream to have an extravagant wedding with their prince charming waiting down the aisle. I know I’ll have my own happy ending someday, we just haven’t bumped into each other yet 🙂

Here’s a song I would like to share with you that fits perfectly for this occasion. Well, yes, this is one of my dream wedding songs hahaha

Cheers to a happy ending!





6 comments on “Grow Old with You

  1. Oh, my gosh ! I just love wedding pictures ! ! I was a flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. And I cried and cried because I was a 5 year old who had just lost my 4 front teeth. I didn’t want to march down the aisle. Ha ha ha

    • hahahaha aawww that’s funny! I was once a flower girl back then, I remember I was also crying because we forgot my pair of white shoes and instead I marched down the aisle with my black ones, it’s such a mismatch!

  2. Never believed in marriage … even if I have a big romantic heart – but I love weddings … wonderful post and photos – I really like the way you write – you should try to be a columnist – Wish you only the Best for 2013

    • Well, marriage isn’t for everybody so no judgment at all 🙂 Yah, me too! I enjoy weddings a lot, it makes me wanna believe that such true love really exist hehe

      Thank you so much! Now that you mentioned it, maybe I’ll apply on the local magazines or newspaper here as contributor 🙂 It’s actually one of my greatest dreams

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