Under the Mistletoe (or not)

There’s a classic quote in Filipino that says SMP or Samahang Malalamig ang Pasko. It’s supposed to make fun of the people who are unattached during the holiday season. I was being teased by my colleagues about it since I’m like the newest member of the said group but much to their disappointment I’m just not affected by it hahaha

Besides, there are a lot of things going on right now that I look forward to for the next coming days that being unattached or simply the idea of dating is not a priority AT ALL. Like, spending the Holiday Season with my sister and childhood friend Abi who both flew in from Italy and Canada to spend Christmas here in the country. They’re on vacation until the first week of January. So, for the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to update my blogpage since I was quite busy with work, viber and catching up with my friends 🙂

Earlier this afternoon, this Christmas Day, my sister, Jem and I decided to bond and watch movie together but the nearby malls are swarming with jejemons, I mean people haha To the point that you can’t feel the mall airconditioning anymore because of too much body heat. How sick was that? So we hit the road and I brought them to this wonderful cafe along Katipunan Avenue called, Xocolat. (Located at 172 B. Gonzales Street. Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Near Miriam College)


What I love about this place is its homey ambiance. Its an extension of the owner’s house and it gives an extra feeling of being at home because the interior features reupholstered home furniture, plus the homemade smell of the pastries definitelymakes you not want to leave your spot ever again 🙂

Camera 360Christmas dinner with the single ladies, Jem and my sister Kathlyn.

Very unique accent drop lights outside the cafe.

Love spoken here, what a nice greeting by the foyer.

One would surely take notice of these quirky and colorful wall accents. 

And this mouth-watering muffins!

These dolls looked extra creepy but very creative indeed.

And the food here is very satisfactory 🙂 and I particularly loved the presentation as well.

The all-flavored cacao by the counter is a perfect gift for your loved ones this Holiday season.

Yah, we love peace,

and SpongeBob 🙂

Me sitting on a restored windsor chair, and the ladies looking pleased with themselves 🙂

The three of us decided to just bond as we’re all unattached this season haha my companions just recently gone through a breakup. Mending a broken heart? Nah, not quite, more on emotionally unavailable or so to speak lol Among my girlfriends, these two are probably the toughest when dealing with break-ups. They would cry about it for a day and they’d run along as if nothing happened on the next day. All of our relationship sucked big time because the guys we previously dated (no offense) are somehow fine with just settling with being guys, instead of aiming to be a man. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not being finicky and all but as far as dating is concerned, we just know exactly what we want. I guess men find it intimidating and mostly that known fact scares the shit out of them and puts them back to their caves. Well, what can I say? That’s just the way it is, you have to try a little harder to keep up 😉

I think one of the reasons why I don’t find dating interesting as of the moment is because the guys surrounding me are kind of lame. AS IN! Especially the kind of guys who would only take notice and would care to buzz your chat box because your display photo in facebook shows more skin than usual. Ugh! So lame! You’d know right away what these guys’ intentions are. I mean, they wouldn’t care about your random photos with your friends or what not, but once you put a slightly provocative picture of you, damn! They’re like pistols who can’t stop shooting on your wall page. I find it real pathetic! hahaha So hands down to the guys who are silently admiring someone from afar and always shows respect no matter how provocative or conservative your photos may be.

Then there’s this one loser who approaches me the other day and “complimented” my photos from my recent vacation in Subic (where I wore swim suit) and told me “You look great on your photos! Now you can wear bikinis because you’re single.” SHUT THE FUCK UP. I was like, excuse me?? My relationship status doesn’t ever restrict me into whether or not I should wear the kind of clothing I wanna wear. And FRANKLY those photos aren’t meant to please you, you asshole. How dare you?? Argh! See? What an idiot, right?

And also one thing I hate about guys is their incapability and lack of courage to say what they feel and intend to do so they keep on playing around the bush. I’ll give you an example. There’s this guy who happens to be an acquiantance of mine and I can tell that he’s interested in me since he constantly sends me greetings and messages. It’s sweet and all but honestly, it bores me out a little bit. Our conversation goes like this:

GUY: 🙂

GUY: Goodmorning! How are you today?

ME: Hi. Goodmorning. Good thanks, you?

GUY: I’m fine. What are you up to?

ME: Just work.

GUY: Oh okay. Don’t forget your meal… blah blah blah

ME: Thanks.

GUY: BTW, I hope you’re not busy in the next few days. Let’s hangout, coffee or dinner 🙂

ME: Sure. Just pm me. See you around.

GUY: Good. Take care always… blah blah blah

Bite me. What a fucked-up proposition right? Take not, this conversation not only happened once, but everytime he catches me online we’ll have this same conversation over and over again. Gosh, don’t you have the balls to even ask me out on a proper date? Clearly, he doesn’t have the vagina either because he can’t set the date. Okay, I may be a bit mean but come on?! What are you waiting for? Stop waiting for the crows to grow their feathers into white, not gonna happen dude haha I guess half of the ladies are gonna agree on this that we hate it when guys are such cowards to ask a girl out. Because what? They think that these girls are way out of their leagues? Well, I’ve got news for you buddy, put yourself on that league or else mauunahan ka! lol If there are torpe guys, there are also trying-hard kinda guy. I hate it when guys tries so hard to impress a girl. Notice how guys can be persuasive, romantic and all during the courtship stage. They give this girl all kinds of treats, flowers, fetching her from work to home, even write sonnets and all that crap just to get her sweet “yes.” But as months or years pass by, they seem to have developed alzheimer’s disease and grew numb or dumber. Sadly, they put less efforts into their relationship and the sweet-guy version disappears as fast as they unbutton their pants. What a jerk, right? And when these things are brought up by the girl and problems arises, that’s the only time that they exert effort once more and show compassion to the relationship. Come on, give us a break! In fact, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if you managed to keep up and give importance to what we have in the first place. Suddenly they’d be begging for forgiveness but clearly they don’t have the slighest clue on what was going on.  And they say women are complicated…

So forgive me for not being affected by this ridiculous saying and doesn’t mind being a “member” of SMP who spends their Christmas all alone. You see, I’d rather be unattached and hang out with my friends or walk my dogs in the park all by myself, than be with some lame guys who 80% of them only wants to get inside my pants without the slighest knowledge on how to really satisfy me. So, na-uh, thank you very much 🙂

Cheers and have a great Holiday! 🙂




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