Girlfriends + Subic = Funtastic

Photo courtesy of Rio

After months of deliberating on where are we gonna spend a two-day vacation with our girlfriends who recently came home from abroad, finally we managed to set the venue and date, and Subic it is.

Because of our jobs (which I now totally agree on the saying: panira sa pagkakaibigan lol) and other affiliations, we had a hard time getting in sync with each other’s schedules. But then again, it’s not real often that my sister and Abi would spend their Christmas vacation after residing and working abroad. So I told them, it’s now or never, bitches! hahaha

Subic Bay is located in Zambales and is about 139 kilometers from Metro Manila. The easiest route if you are to travel by land is through NLEX and SCTEX which is about 2-hour drive from Manila, since the speed limit in SCTEX is quite strict (for some people haha) The Subic Bay International Airport also caters flights abroad going to Taiwan, Hong Kong and other neighboring countries but I’m not really sure if they also cater domestic flights. You can also travel by sea to Subic as you can take a ferry ride from Roxas Boulevard to the port of Bataan and from there, you can take a ride to Subic Bay. See, it’s very accessible 🙂

For me, Subic is probably the most well-groomed city in the entire Luzon with the well-educated people resides here, and how can I say well-educated? Because they enforce a strict traffic law which is waaay different from Metro Manila! Even Makati or Ortigas City doesn’t stand a chance whenever they are compared to the discipline of this marvelous city. It’s like our very own Singapore! hahaha

This getaway serves as our reunion because it’s been quite a while since me and my childhood friends really get to bond together and be completed as a group. Eventhough we live on the same village, it’s very seldom for us to see each other so I kinda missed them.

I know, this photo of us is pretty dramatic

And absolutely crazy hahaha

There are a lot of activities and tourist sites to visit in Subic also its neighboring cities such as Olongapo and Clark. But we only have limited time due to our jobs back in Manila (it sucks I know) so we only managed to stay for two days. We stayed in Bayfront Hotel along the Subic Bay. It’s very affordable and the hotel staff are very accomodating. They really made us feel at home despite the loud noises we make and our over-usage of the pool hehe 🙂 I’ll definitely be staying in this hotel if ever I’d be back in Subic.

The area is very quiet, such a perfect place to relax, unwind and get rid of all the stress from metro living. My girlfriends and I were saying, we don’t want to go back to Manila ever again and buy our lots here instead! haha I wish. We went to Subic in two batches, first batch consists of me, my sister Kathlyn, Abi and Reina. The other batch consists of Jem, Rio, Juvy and Aileen and sooned followed around noon because they have jobs and some agendas to attend to. So when we arrived at the hotel, we rested for a couple of hours and headed to the docks and roam along the seaside. The second batch arrived just in time for dinner, and since we’re on the beach its only fit that we eat seafood along the shores so we had dinner at Seafood by the Bay and we had such a blast 🙂 and we spent the rest of the night drinking tequila, sharing stories and night-swimming. The next day is no different, we had lunch at Pier One and had our afternoon swim and relaxation by the pool before heading back to Manila. Although short, I still enjoyed this bonding with my girlfriends. It’s nice to reunited with them again and get to relax and spend a few days with them in a wonderful place such as Subic. Our nex destination for the summer? Uhmm… still under deliberation but I’m hoping it’s Palawan 🙂

My sister and I. She’s the eldest but I’m taller than her hahaha

And since we’ve got a lot of time to spare, we took photos along the shore 🙂

And some ridiculous ones! hahaMy friend Abi is excited to be here!

And so is my friend Reina 🙂


Finally, the second batch arrives!

Our favorite, Crispy Pata!

I love all kinds of seafood, especially shrimp! 

Seafood Gambas 🙂

The rest of the girls during dinner at Seafood by the Bay. Notice how our plates are all empty hahaWe are happy as well as our tummies hehe 🙂 

Oh yeah! Time for tequila shot! 

The best part, night swimming!

Me and my sissy Jem

My Calendar Girls haha

The following day, we had our lunch at Pier One. 

This time we ate mostly grilled pork

And had our afternoon swim before heading back to Manila.

And took some more photos inside our room! hahaha we just can’t get enough of ourselves :p

Its’s definitely more funtastic in Subic 🙂 See you again soon!

Cheers to friendship and happy vacations!




4 comments on “Girlfriends + Subic = Funtastic

    • Thanks Andy, it’s not much but we still had a blast 🙂 I guess no matter where you are as long as you enjoy your company you’d still have a blast 🙂

      Yah, the shrimps are superb! 🙂

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