A Decade and Beyond

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command.  I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. – John 15:12-15.
I can honestly say that I had a great childhood. I may not have all the luxury in the world with the fancy getaways here and there or a million bucks in my bank account, but the memories of my childhood are definitely one of the greatest treasure I ever had! 🙂

More than a decade ago, the streets of Hobart Village was once a silent and peaceful neighborhood with the people living harmoniously among each other. Until some lunatic and loud girls walked the streets that brought chaos and changed the lives of the residents since then 🙂 hahaha

What a dramatic intro 🙂 Nah, it’s just me and my home girls. But really, the once silent and peaceful neighborhood is true until we roam around the streets in the middle of the night hehe. I’m really bad with dates but as far as I can remember, I think it was around 1999 when our parish priest, Fr. James Nitollama, came knocking in our door one night and was looking for me and my sister. Apparently, he was recruiting girls around the neighborhood for a group he was forming, to pray the rosary and Angelus every 6:00 o’clock in the evening. He asked my parents’ permission and they gladly obliged, and thank God they said yes! And since that night, I have lived with the most beautiful ladies who became my BFFs who are the sugar, spice and everything nice and never fails to turn my world upside down! 🙂

My home girls: From left to right, Rio, Jem, Abigail, Aileen, Reina, my sister Kathlyn and me. 

We’re like a girl band! Our leader was Abigail because she’s the eldest but everyone called my sister Ate Kat (elder) because everyone respects her like an elder. Well, mostly we’re afraid of her because she’s easily-angered! hahaha Reina and Abi are of same age, then followed by Ate Kat and Aileen. Jem is a year older than me, Juvy (not on the photo) and Rio but she’s the baby of the group because she’s very prim and sweet.  And our group was called dan-dadadaaaann – Rosary Angels Club! nyahahaha 🙂 Yes, people! I don’t know what happened now but we were angels back then lol 😀 We even trained little kids within our parish in praying rosary and we did bible studies with them. As years pass by, we became one of the pioneering leaders of ourParish Youth Ministry.

This is embarrassing! hahaha but this is how we looked like when we were kids. Oh that horrible hairstyle! lol

Father James has guided us all throughout our childhood days. He’s very dear to each and everyone of us and serves as our second Dad 🙂 eventhough he has moved to a different parish a few years ago, we still make an effort to see each other and celebrate occasions with him especially during birthdays, holidays and whenever he has fundraising activities for his parish. I can say that he helped a lot in honing us into (ehem) fine and responsible ladies that we are now. Especially with me and my siblings since our parents are mostly away, he was always there to guide not just as a Dad but also as a friend. He’s the coolest ever! He influenced us into sharing our musical and artistric talents to the church and the people, and even share advices when it comes to the matters of the heart 🙂 Just like any other Dad, it became a surprise to him when we ladies started dating, but he handled it pretty well hahaha actually, he handled it much btter than my Dad! hahaha

This photo was taken last December 11 during our Reunion. Abi and my sister came home from Canada and Italy to celebrate Christmas with us.


Yeah, we cleaned up pretty good! This photo was taken during my 18th Birthday Party at Jade Valley.

Just look at the evolution! hahaha This is 10 years after 🙂

(Photo courtesy of Fr. James.) From left to right: Reina, Juvy, my sister Kathlyn, me, Father James, Abigail, Aileen, Rio and Jem.

These girls are like my sisters; we grew up together, ate on the same plates, most of us went to same primary and secondary schools, played on the streets, stalked our crushes, caught tadpoles and salagubang, we danced in the rain and even swam on floods! hahaha There are no enough words to explain how grateful I feel to have them in my life, I mean for years that we’ve known each other and we’ve been through a lot we never left each other’s side for better or for worse. My girls are better than boyfriends! No matter how demanding or bratinella I am (hahaha), they never asked me to changed and loved me still. Oh I love my girls! 🙂





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