I am what I am

I’m a slut because I wear shorts and tank top.
I’m a bitch because I don’t let you push me around.
I’m a liar because I won’t tell you everything.
I’m stupid because sometimes I’m wrong.
I’m ugly because my face isn’t perfect.
I’m a whore because I like boys.
I’m annoying because I’m not chill enough.
I’m a loser because I’m not friends with your group.
I’m fake because most of the time I’m happy.
I’m weird because I’m not like you.
I’m controlling because I get mad.
Sometimes I’m clingy because I like being around you.
I’m greedy because I want to be satisfied.
I’m naive because I’m younger than you.
I’m conceited because I’m proud of who I am.
I’m rude because my manners aren’t perfect.
I curse because I can’t contain my feelings.
I’m unappreciative because I don’t praise you.
Don’t tell me who I am because I already know.


3 comments on “I am what I am

    • Thank you, and so are you!

      Yeaaahh haha these are the misconceptions by other people from us, girls. 🙂 they always think we are complicated! well, maybe a little bit lol

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