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So, a couple of days ago, my colleagues at work and I met up with one of the top architects in the country. He’s a very VIP client of our company and we wanted to maintain a good relationship with him and his firm, of course. He scheduled the meeting on Monday morning. Of all the days ever invented, the important meeting falls on a Monday, when my car and the company’s car are both on coding, and a big thanks to some idiot who invented the car coding! hahaha kidding 🙂 Now I have to endure the stressful way of commuting to work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a high maintenance kinda girl, it’s just that driving in the comforts of your own car to work and don’t have to go war everyday with about 6 million Filipinos out there on the road is such a good way to go. You know what I mean?

Living and growing up in Metro Manila, I got used to anticipating the heavy traffic. Let’s say for example, you’re bound to Makati area, which is honest to God during holidays when the city is zero percent population, the travel time from my place is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. But due to heavy traffic everyday, the ‘abnormal’ travel time from my place to Makati takes about 2-3 hours. I’m not kidding!!! Can you imagine how fucked up it is everyday?? Haaayyyy

So going back to my story. I was commuting that day to work, and still recovering from my illness. (My colleagues and friends are used to my health problems, sakitin hindi nga lang halata haha) So I’m still coughing and sneezing that day. I needed to be present in the meeting so I mustered all the strength to get to work. The travel from my place to Hi Way Mrt Station was smooth sailing, except for a few coughs and sneezes back there, I have my tissue with me so I felt geared up haha But even so, I’m still uncomfortable because I’m exposed to the other commuters inside the van. What if I transferred my viruses to them right?

Note: The next few lines won’t be pretty and yucky so you still have plenty of time to back away 🙂

Then I felt it. The slimy phlegm forming up inside my chest to my throat!!! Holy shit I thought to myself. Argh this one would be nasty, I can feel it! It’s really itching up and it needs to get out of my mouth. But I can’t because it’ll be soooo embarrassing! Just a few more minutes then I’ll be able to get out this van and look for a public comfort room to spit this virus inside me. Oh gosh, my throat is getting so itchy! What to do? We’re still a few more kilometers before we reach our destination so there’s nothing left to do but to think of my happy place. Think! Think! So I started reminiscing when I visited my parents back in Rome. How I missed them so much! Wait, no! This isn’t a happy place because I’m just starting to miss them so bad that I might breakdown. Think about something else… The beach! Yeah, think about the beautiful white sands of Boracay Island and the beautiful people out there. The seafood platters, the mild rays of the sun –

And then BOOM!!!!

We got into an accident! The stupid driver of the other car is driving way too fast without signalling where he’d go so our van got hit. Such a wonderful day to commute, right? We got hit pretty hard but we’re all safe and of course, most of the commuters are being hysterical since we’re almost late for work and our driver won’t just let this incident pass. He jumped out of the car and started brawling with the other driver. WHAT.A.DAY. Just when I thought that I’d completely forget about the rummaging phlegm inside my throat, I got pretty shaken up by the intense momentum inside the car, so came – COUGH, COUGH


There it goes! The eecky, yucky and slimy phlegm has finally managed to break free from my throat and has now worked its way to my mouth. HOLY CRAP what am I gonna do? And what a luck it is, I ran out of tissue!!! At this point, you can’t imagine how I’m blushing because of embarrassment and panic. And guess what I did?? I counted from 1, 2, 3, and – GULP.

Yes people, I swallowed my fucking phlegm!!!







7 comments on “Goodddaaammiiitt

  1. I’m starting to think Mondays are the best. 😀
    Wow! It just seemed like the universe connived to piss you off! Haha. Anywho, hope you feel better now ate! 🙂

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