Kc and the Super Twins

“Gay people are the sweetest, kindest, most artistic, warmest and most thoughtful people in the world. And since the beginning of time, all they’ve ever been is kicked.”

Let me just say, and this comes from the bottom of my heart that I love gays. AS IN. I honestly want a gay child, no kidding! It’s not that I will encourage him to become gay but if for example, my son realized he prefers dating boys then I won’t have a problem with that. I would encourage him to be original and embrace his sexuality, even if some people would mock him of who he is, I’ll be a supportive mom and won’t leave his side no matter what. My appreciation for the third sex started when I was still in high school where I met my fabulous and talented gay batch-mates. They introduced me to sports such as volleyball, cheer-leading and swimming, and make ups, high heels and acting workshops or most commonly known as being “drama queen” 🙂 My high school days wouldn’t be as dramatic and exciting if it weren’t for them.

Brian, Toni and Me on our way to Enchanted Kingdom

And soon when I get to college and was actively participating in our community, I met the Super Twins: Toni and Brian a.k.a. Aubrei and Bianka King. Hahahaha How they come up with their screen names, that I don’t really know but all of our friends get used to calling them that. Honestly, we were inseparable; Our birthdays are September 25, 27 and 30, how sick is that? haha Did I mention that they’re siblings that’s why we call them Super Twins. Whenever I’m with them, it’s a non-stop laugh trip and non-stop okrayan. I remember every time we have an activity, our creative minds seem to always connect because with just one look from each other, we knew exactly what the other means and how to execute it. That’s why I love gays, they are smart (just don’t expect them for correct spelling), talented and very sensitive. After my All Saint’s/Soul’s day vacation, I was so tired from the long drive and wanted to rest the whole day but Toni called me up and said he has free tickets to Enchanted Kingdom for the three of us. It’s EK!!! I could never say no to that!!! I’m not really a fan of amusement parks but this year I wanted to celebrate my birthday there but due to unpredictable weather, it’s a no-go and now that Toni has free tickets, hell yeah!! 🙂

So we drove for about 30 kilometers south from Manila at around 12noon, it’s not really that far compare to Lobo, Batangas so we had a short travel time of less than two hours. Enchanted Kingdom is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. It’s not as extravagant as Universal Studio or Disneyland, but for me I would never outgrow going to EK 🙂 This places always brings back the child in me. The fun one, not the bratinella one haha

This is Toni and me during our stop-over for our lunch.

And this is Brian and me while we wait up in line for our turn

How brave are we? This is our first ride of the day 🙂

The first ride we tried is called EKstreme, it’s one of their newest attraction and definitely one of the most breathtaking. The idea is you’d be seating in the tubular engine as it lifts you for about 120 feet (it’s freaking high!) and it drops you off in a 47 mph! OMG right??!! I was anticipating the fall, I really am, but you’d still be surprised of the impact and the speed and the next thing I remember, my hair are all over my face and I’m shaking from head to toe and I was like ‘What the hell was that??!!’ Brian almost carried me because I’m having a hard time to stand! But I really wanna try it again 🙂 It’s fun!This is how we looked like before we accelerate to the top, now imagine how we looked like after the fall:

Literally shaky! lol

The Roller Skater

This is called Disc O’ Dance

Every time the three of us are together, we always managed to have something or someone to laugh about. So when we were waiting in line for our turn to try the other newest attraction of EK called Disc O’ Dance, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud upon seeing the crazy faces of the people on the ride! It’s hysterical I swear! We also have a great time making a laugh out of ourselves haha I remember one time I was supporting these two on a Ms. Gay Beauty Pageant Competition (I know, it’s crazy!), I was walking with them backstage, of course the venue is full of gays, some of them are pretty and some of them are… never mind. Then I was walking, passed by a group of guys then all of a sudden this one stupid jerk exclaimed suddenly “Tangina gandang bakla o!” (What the fuck! That’s a beautiful gay, look!) And he was pointing at ME to his buddy! OOOHHHMMMYYYGGGOOOODD!!! I swear, I ssssooooo wanna beat the crap out of him! I was really embarrassed and felt insulted but after a few days, we just laughed it off and used it as a joke 🙂 so one day I was doing grocery and the siblings accompanied me and while we were at the fish section, Toni suddenly asked the vendor “Kuya, let me ask you a question. What do think about my friend Kc here, is she a girl or transgender?” and we would always snigger whenever these guys would look at my boobs, my face or my hands and try to figure out if I am a woman or a man! hahahahahahahaha

Toni, I think the lady at your back is scared of you 🙂

One of my favorite rides, the pirate ship called Anchor’s Away

The Swan Lake

This is the Wheel of Fortune, unfortunately we weren’t able to ride this one because the line is too long 😦

The Rio Grande Rapids is the last ride we rode in because we expected to get wet and surely we drove back home with just our undies on! hahahahahaha

Okay, no judgement. But as much as we want to ride this Space Shuttle, we just couldn’t! We chickened out!

It’s so scary 😦

Which is scarier, Toni or this gargoyle? hahaha

Awww.. I’m gonna miss Bianka. He’s leaving for Portugal for the next few days.

The smile of a happy girl ^_^

I had a great time spending the day with my two best gay friends. It’s been a while since we went out and have a quality time together. You know, they drive me crazy like 99% at a time, but nevertheless, I always enjoyed each minute spent with them 100% at a time.

Cheers to gay community! Lav yah!




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5 comments on “Kc and the Super Twins

  1. You’re some adventures young woman – I wouldn’t dare to go on half the rides, would be sick as a dog after the first ride. What a fantastic day you had with your fantastic friends. I have some FAB gay friends too … I think a gay person is a girl’s best friend really. The thing is that you can talk with them about everything – things that a man or a girlfriend would understand. Thanks for this happy and joyful post.

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