Nesh Janiola: A Dancer with Grace and Passion

“For you to be able to stay in this kind of business for long and make a career out of it, you have to be Jack of All Trades.” – Nesh Janiola

It was such an amazing experience to convince one of the Metro’s most sought-after dance choreographer and director to grace the first issue of my online K-Chat series, here in WP. Nesly Ann Alexis Janiola, or most commonly known as Nesh, began dancing at the age of three and first discovered her God-given talent for dancing when she enrolled at the Malen Claravall-Yee School of Classical Ballet. Now at the age of 25, she has choreographed, directed, and performed on the stages of the leading TV shows of ABS-CBN and GMA, workshops, concerts, and world tours with the well-knowned celebrities and dance crews in the country. She has made a name for herself and she can’t easily be stopped. Join me as I get to know more of Nesh’s success as I visited her in BigShift dance studio where she regularly teaches Basic Jazz, Jazz Funk and Hip-Hop.

I arrived at BigShift dance studio at around 6:30 pm and Nesh’s class has already started. Whenever I see her on TV I’m always at awe with how she moves in such a rhythmic, edgy and full of emotions in her routines, so imagine how amazed I was seeing her dance in person. I first met her during St. Scholastica’s Annual Dance Concert where me and my college dance crew were invited to perform (Yes, readers I can also dance haha). She was in her Senior year back then and president of St. Scholastica’s College dance group called Dance Edge and soon she became the school’s official dance coach. During her terms, they have been participating in dance competitions all over the Metro and coveting awards such as Dancelebration 1 & 2, and Sketchers 1 & 2 just to name a few.

A lot of doors, as far as dancing is concerned, has opened in front of her when she joined U Can Dance: A Celebrity Dance Showdown back in 2006 where she is paired with the young heart throb Arron Villaflor. And when she graduated from College she was recruited by one of the country’s most famous dance group in the country, G-Force. The group consists of young and very talented dancers that brings different varieties of dance styles in the face of modern television and is being idolized by the generation now (including myself :)) and even the celebrities themselves. “When I was a kid, I was influenced by my mom to do ballet dance. But being that young, I really didn’t know that I like dancing. I discovered my deep passion in dancing and imagine myself making a career out of it nung college na ako.” And good thing her mom introduced her to this craft and envisioned that her daughter will do great in this path, because the next thing she knew, her daughter has been dancing and performing on the stages of ASAP Rocks every Sunday and get invites from Eat Bulaga to do special performances and tours with the celebrities nationwide and even around the world.

Nesh with the ladies of G-Force during “Pop Icons Concert” in Bacolod City together with the ABS-CBN’s hunks, Piolo Pascual, Christian Bautista, Sam Milby and Mark Bautista

Nesh with the Phil. All Stars Dancers

She has performed on stage with the dance group icon known world-wide, The Jabbawockeez

She is definitely a goofball! πŸ™‚ Nesh with the kids of ABS-CBN Star Magic during their dance workshop

“It’s my guilty pleasure actually, performing on stage, in front of a lot of people tapos live.”

When I asked what a regular day is for someone like Nesh Janiola, of course it’s mostly about dance rehearsals for TV shows and dance classes in Big Shift Creativ Centrale’s Dance and Kinetic Art Studios where she is currently the Head Choreographer and Program Development Consultant. And she’s helping out some close friends with Events and Promotions company named Rocketeer Inc. I’m telling you, this lady is unstoppable and restless but definitely enjoying every single bit of it! Who wouldn’t? I mean, being at a young age she’s been, not only performing on stage but mentoring and choreographing famous celebrities such as Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Christian Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, Vina Morales, Star for all Season; Ms. Sharon Cuneta and many more. Among all her accomplishments, she would have a hard time remembering her greatest stage moment but she clearly remembers and shared it with me, “For me, it’ll be the ‘As One’ concert of Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera at MOA (Mall of Asia) Concert Grounds. Open pa sya that time, wala pang MOA Arena noon. Tapos sobrang daming tao plus the crowd is larger than Araneta (Coliseum)! It’s my guilty pleasure actually, performing on stage, in front of a lot of people tapos live.” And I can see clearly the enthusiasm in her eyes and makes me feel bad that I wasn’t there to experience it. Being a stage-performer, since she has her greatest stage experience, I also asked her if she has any embarrassing ones.”Marami! It’s normal during the shows, you get slipped, you sometimes get to wear the wrong costumes especially during quick-change. That’s why as dancers, we really do our best to avoid this kind of things.” And as of now they’re preparing for Regine Velasquez’ Silver Concert this November 16 at the Mall of Asia Arena, and me and my friends are planning to go πŸ™‚

Nesh considers the concert “As One” by Mr. Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera as her greatest stage moments

Nesh performing for Sarah Geronimo during one of the Pop star’s greatest concerts entitled “Record Breaker”

After dancing for five years with G-Force, she is now a member and choreographer of the country’s legendary and pioneer dance group, Hotlegs. She is also the choreographer and Managing Director of the up-and-coming dance crew, Next.Ep. and has successfully directed and choreographed an event entitled Unity in the Dance Community for two subsequent years, “I wanted to do that again (the Unity in the Dance community event). Since the management was happy about the success of the event, we’re planning to do it again before this year ends.” Nesh says, “The purpose of this event is to unite the dance community, an event where different dance groups showcase their talents, and basically appreciating each others crafts.” Sounds like a true ambassador of different talents for me and I’m excited to witness this event πŸ™‚

Nesh and the rest of Hotlegs with the management of Big Shift

Hotlegs in their bubbly and colorful costumes during Vice Ganda concert

Hotlegs class with Marlon Pelayo from L.A., California

Nesh and faculty members of the Big Shift during their guesting at “Showtime”

“Everything is planned and nothing is coincidence. You just have to believe that everything will be provided for you. Maybe not on the time you asked for it, but eventually it will happen.”

With her busy schedule, I wonder if she even have time to rest or have fun (not that her job is less of a fun thing to do) or even have time to date, and surprisingly she is currently off the dating market πŸ™‚ And aside from getting her inspiration from her lovelife, family or music, she explains “Being a professional dancer, hindi maiiwasan na yung client gives you a requirement that you don’t like. So pag sinabing ganito yung requirement, you have to be inspired no matter what. You have to deliver since its part of your job.” And of course I wouldn’t let this interview pass without asking an advice from the professional to those who aspires to join the career path of dancing and she gladly says “You really have to train and start from the beginning. For you to be able to stay in this kind of business for long and make a career out of it, you have to be Jack of All Trades. Hindi ka pwedeng ma-stuck sa isang dance style only. You don’t have to master everything, just a bit of different styles so whatever the client is asking for you, you’ll be able to give them variety so the client won’t have to go far. You’ll get more jobs and more projects” She also adds “Invest your time on it. I noticed the youth today has a short attention span. They don’t like investing, when they get tired of doing something they just quit and transfer to another.”

Which I totally agree upon, and one of the many things I instantly liked about Nesh is that, she is someone who still believes in the pure talents of the youth today and does something about it, nurtures these crafts and share it to the world. She doesn’t even believe in luck and when I asked what her greatest lesson in life is, so far, she answered “Everything is planned and nothing is coincidence. You just have to believe that everything will be provided for you. Everything you ask and everything you need, you name it and you claim it. I believe in patience, and being faithful that you just have to wait and it will be given to you. Maybe not on the time you asked for it, but eventually it will happen.”




Visit BigShift Dance Studio and enroll for dance lessons at 3rd floor, A.Venue Mall, Makati Ave, Makati City

Catch Hotlegs on their regular show in Eat Bulaga, GMA 7 and watch Regine Velasquez’ Silver Concert this November 16, 2012 at Mall of Asia Concert Arena. You can enroll on Hotlegs Open Class every Mondays 5-7pm (Jazz/Jazz Funk Classes) and Next.Ep.Class every Saturdays at 12noon to 5:30 pm at BigShift Dance Studio.

You can also subscribe/follow her on the following networking sites: ,Β , ,


13 comments on “Nesh Janiola: A Dancer with Grace and Passion

  1. Thanks for introducing Nash …. Remarkable dancer – I love dance … to enjoy it as a spectator and I love a bit of disco or ballroom myself too. She is so small .. easier to dance and to jump high if you have long legs. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad you liked it. She is really a remarkable dancer. You should check her youtube channel. hahaha she is quite small, but it’s easier for her to be lift during routines.

  2. Great pist ! !

    You know, my older sister graduated from St. Scholastica’s College. She studied there from Kindergarten to HS. My brother went to Southridge School for Boys and graduated there too. I left the Philippines when I was 6 1/2

    • That’s good to know! We’re sister-schools! πŸ™‚ haha You’re very young when you left the country, hey when you’re back here on vacation let me know, let’s hangout! πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been Ate Nesh’s student and I love her passion for her craft! Sobrang galing lang nya mag-conceptualize and mag-choreograph. Great article on Ate Nesh! Sobrang nakakainspire. πŸ™‚

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