Hos over Bros

“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.”
― Barbara Alpert

For almost eight years that I’ve known her, I’ve considered Fritzi or Ching, my soul sister. We’re both Librans so it’s not surprising how we instantly became friends. I dunno, I guess we’re both mentally and emotionally inclined that we more often than not, agreed on a lot of things rather than argue about it. It’s like with one look or a kink of an eyebrow, we know exactly when to stop talking or save the other during social conversations. It’s amazing really! We met in College at this exclusive school for girls that we went to. All my life I’ve been surrounded by mixed genders so I didn’t know what to expect about girls in college, or even so a school being run by nuns. Not to mention that I’m a first time commuter in the big city of Manila and I live 2hours away from my home. Now, can you imagine how petrified I was? My first day in college was sooo memorable because I got lost! hahaha My biological sister, who were studying in a different university, was in her Junior year that time and she was terrible in giving directions!! (I could have strangled her during that day! haha) I was then a bed-spacer in a dormitory in Dapitan. She told me to take a jeepney ride to Morayta and from there I can ride any jeeps available sincethey will all pass Mendiola (according to her). Ignorant as I was during that time, I heeded her advice and what I should have done was to cross the overpass for pedestrians at Morayta and either walk all the way to Recto going to Mendiola or ride a jeepney again from Greenwich to UE. But no, of course I trusted my sister since she’s been studying in the University belt for two years so I was sure that she knows the way around the busy streets of Manila. So I rode on the first jeep I saw and even when the route sign says “Quiapo-Pier”


The horror!!! Next thing I knew, I was walking along the unfamiliar streets of Intramuros! And I was like “WHERE THE FUCK AM I! This isn’t my school??” Panic immediately came through me, I was then 16 years old for pete’s sake! I called my sister up, I was shaking and the jeepney driver is confused why I was crying and it’s just crazy!!! hahahaha What a first day huh?? 🙂 So anyway, I managed to get to Mendiola safely and that’s where I met this chatty, noisy and sociable chic who wears the most tight-fitting top I’ve ever seen hahaha And since then, Fritzi and I have been sharing notes together, submitting our plates (late and on time) and spending our time in the spacious room of 201, shopping in Divisoria and Greenhills together with the rest of the girls, skipping classes (yes Mom, she taught me how to skip class haha) and training together for our PE class! And even after college, we’ve always managed to keep in touch and go on vacations or simply hang out or grab something to eat. We’re both each others witnesses during our times of defeat and the times when we’re both soaring high. We’ve faced scandalous issues together (oh.my.god), sorted our family, boy (and girl), colleague problems and so on. She is one of the people whom I cherish a lot because she loved me for being me, who doesn’t judge me for what I’ve done and didn’t do, and never left my side even when the whole world seems to turn its back on me. And I’m such a sucker for a best friend for not remembering her birthday. WHICH, IN MY DEFENSE (I’m being defensive, yes hahaha) I’ve been anticipating her birthday bash for weeks then came her big day and I was so swarmed with paper works and designs to finish during that day and she called me up and asked me where should we have dinner, and I was dumbfounded and I asked: Why, what’s up?” and she went frantic and exclaimed “It’s my birthday??!” I was driving and on my way back to the showroom from a meeting that morning and I ALMOST hit the car in front of me, I swear! Oh my god. :p She loves me too much and forgave for not remembering, oh correction, slipped my mind. 🙂

So that night we went to Eastwood and filled our tummy’s with delicious and mouth-watering dish from Momo’s Cafe with the rest of the girls 🙂

Hearty meal from Momo’s Cafe, Eastwood Mall

Bon Apetit! 🙂

I’m with the birthday girl!

This is my busy-busy designer friend Greshy.

The Balasta sister’s, Agnes and Danielle with Vincent who seems to be sleepy hahaha

The ladies and gentleman: The birthday girl, Fritzi, Vincent, Agnes, Oma, Gresh and Danielle

I honestly feel like a supermodel whenever I’m with them because I look so tall! LOL 🙂

After dinner, we were supposed to visit the condo unit that Fritzi is furnishing but it was kinda late and the drive is too far so we ended up hanging out in Cafe Huh? in Ortigas.

Oops! Don’t mind the finger haha and why do I look like I’m endorsing a beer brand? 🙂

A happy birthday girl 🙂

So here’s to celebrating aging! Age is just a number. What truly matters is how you’ve coped with life’s ups and downs and managed to survive with your head held up high and your lungs full of hope and your heart full of love and dreams to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, on your 25th birthday and the many birthdays to come, I suggest you pick a nice restaurant, where you can dine with your family and friends, or boyfriends and girlfriends. Get drunk and be silly, make mistakes and do it again, laugh til your tummy gets hurt and your eyes are filled with tears, rant til your anger has subside and laugh again more, and love like you’re never been hurt before and live your dreams one day at a time 🙂 You might feel lost at 25, I know I did. But it always gets better with each passing day. You don’t need to figure it out, just let it be and go with the flow and let the tides take you anywhere and make the best out of it and make it as magical as possible 🙂





2 comments on “Hos over Bros

  1. You’re amazing … the way you tell your stories .. it’s like you are sitting next to me and where do you put all that food you always eat. Love your glasses .. very trendy. At 25 age is a number .. and 65 .. it’s totally different … It’s a cliche. Because with comes problems .. and some you can’t do anything about – more then try to ignore them. Believe me – live and have fun today … *smile

    • Thank you so much viveka!

      The truth is, it also surprises me how I’m ALWAYS able to eat that much hahaha

      Hmm.. I guess there’s no such thing as aging without any corresponding problems with it. and you’re right, sometimes it’s best to just ignore it. haha

      have fun on your day also! xoxo

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