Oh, Come On!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy as hell because of work and nightlife, so I haven’t got the chance to open my blogsite for so long and I totally missed it! I wanted to share my recent activities with you and I will post them very soon. Good thing I’m on leave today due to asthma attack and over-fatigue. I’ve been really  lacking sleep for the past few days and now my body is demanding rest! And I was always teased by my friends that it wouldn’t hurt if I try to sleep. Okay fine??!! hahaha

The truth is, I’m a self-confessed workaholic. I love juggling multiple jobs and make the best out of my 9-hour work schedule in the showroom, actually it’s not enough for me. Even now that I’m on leave, I’m still monitoring my work from my place; checking emails every now and then, receive and make phone calls from our PR officers, media, clients and suppliers and so on. That’s why even when I’m tired of working the whole day, I still make it a point to dine outside or grab a few cocktails with my friends after work. Just so I won’t get burned out and be able to relax every once in a while. And of course, dating 🙂 hahahahahaha

In a short span of time, I’ve met guys who are fun to be with, such as this cute MMA athlete, sweet and nice film director, handsome architect, smoking hot semi-pro basketball player, sophisticated dentist, funny musician and some are just blah! hahaha Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dating each of them exclusively or whatever, we just hang out along with our group of friends. And just to clear things, I’m not using dating as a way for me to move on with my previous break up, in a way it’s helping me a lot to divert my attention and energy to work and having fun with friends. And now my circle of friends is getting wider! hahaha

I wanna share something ridiculous and funny. As I mentioned before, I’ve been going out with some friends and meet few guys along the way. I’m not really a fan of ‘coincidence’ and stupid ‘serendipity’ or whatever you wanna call it, but I’m just surprised with the series of events that occurred. If you’ve been following my blog (and got fed up with my relationship drama haha), you’d know how much I’ve been through with my recent break-up, and how I’ve been doing all my best to finally move on. So, let me ask you something; have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to get him off your mind and try avoiding even the slightest details that is significant to you and somehow would remind you of him but life seems to be playing games with you and just wouldn’t bug off? Here, I’ll show you how.


I was introduced to this group of guys, who were cute by the way. I kinda had a hard time remembering their names, so at first I just pretended I remembered haha The music in the bar is loud so I didn’t catch Guy 3’s name:

KC: I’m sorry, it’s loud in here so I didn’t catch your name.

GUY 3: It’s you-know-who.

KC: (taken aback, a bit stuttering) I’m sorry what?

GUY 3: My name is you-know-who.

(He’s tall-dark-and-handsome but because of his name I won’t be dating him. Sucks hahaha)



I was meeting some friends at Metro Walk and I was having a hard time getting a nice parking space since it’s a Saturday night and the place is filled with party people. I parked my car on the farthest end of the lot and it’s drizzling so I’m a bit pissed, and as I walk towards the entrance of the building, there, I saw it! A perfect parking space just a few steps from the main entrance! Good god, thank you! But I’m alone and if I leave the space, of course other cars would park on it. And I saw this cute Korean guy texting in the lot, and there’s no other way but to approach him and ask him this big favor of saving the parking space for me. Fortunately, he agreed to wait and stay on the spot as I get back at the parking lot to fetch my car.

KC: Omg! Thank you so much! I owe you for my parking space!

KOREAN: It’s okay no problem.

KC: So, uhmm.. you’re waiting for your friends? (He’s really cute)

KOREAN: Yes, they’re on their way.

KC: Alright, I’m gonna go ahead. See you around then! (I started to walk towards the entrance)

KOREAN: Hey, can I have your name?

KC: Oh sorry, I’m being rude! I’m KC, you are? (offers my hand for handshake)

KOREAN: I’m you-know-who.

KC: (nervous laugh) Sorry, I didn’t get that? (now I sound ridiculous and seems to have a hearing problem)

KOREAN: My name is you-know-who.

KC: Hi you-know-who! Again, thank you for saving me this spot. See yah!

KOREAN: Uhm is it okay if I get your number?

KC: How about I get your number, and I’ll give you a call once of these days?

Again, GREAT.


This happened last night. I was out with some friends and having a few drinks. I was with this smoking hot basketball player I mentioned earlier and we’re having a great time. We’ve been constantly communicating and last night, our schedules finally meet so we hangout in our favorite bar. We were outside the venue and we’re waiting for our friends since the night is still young and we wanted to go somewhere else. I’m kinda liking this guy actually, he’s sensible, sensitive, not really funny but that’s okay since I think I’m funny enough for the both of us hahaha As we were heading for the parking lot, we were giggling and being crazy when suddenly a cab driver stopped the car in front of us and asking if we needed a ride. We courteously refused and I saw the label of the cab. (Here in Manila, cab/taxi vehicles have the name of the company and their contact details printed in the car doors so passengers can easily remember their cab services for easy directory. e.g. ABC Cab, MGE, 24/7 Taxi, Ace, Dollar Taxi etc. And then BOOM! This cab’s service company is named YOU-KNOW-WHO. haaaaayyyyyyyyy

Yeah, it’s just coincidence, it’s nothing, no big deal, no brainer. But what the fuck right???!! I mean, is this some kind of sick joke?! HAHAHAHAHAHA That very moment, all I can manage to do is look up at the night sky and said to myself “Really?? Are you kidding me???” Seriously…

Just freakin’ GREAT.


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