KC @ 25

Just when I thought my birthday will just pass by as a BLAH-day, I was totally mistaken. My birthday lasted for 3 days! For the whole weekend of last week I’ve been out and about with some friends, new-found friends and family. I still haven’t celebrated it completely since my brother was attending a concert during my birthday (what the hell right??) but I understand since he’s been dreading to see those bands for such a long time, besides I have my friends with me. So, this Sunday I’ll be having a post-birthday dinner with my brother and other friends. WHEW!!!! I’m still at awe even til now because my birthday isn’t over yet! hahaha I love it! I love being 25 🙂

This post has been delayed for a long time since I’ve been busy at work (you have no idea!!) and I’ve been handling our upcoming event this Oct 9 at Manila Peninsula Hotel and many, many affairs. Honestly, with not enough sleep, skipping meals and juggling multiple schedules and so on, I’m amazed how I haven’t passed out yet! hahahaha

The first day of my birthday celebration, I went to the launching of my good friend’s mobile bar. It was fun and I’m so proud of him but we didn’t stayed that long since we’re planning to get wasted have drinks in Macapagal to attend Octoberfest party but, OMG, the venue is swarming with people!!! Even a tiny mouse wouldn’t be able to get pass through the line outside the venue. It’s crazy! So we headed to Timog instead and look for a different hang out place, and we ended up in District. What’s special about that night is that, I have reconciled with my friend whom I call “Mami” Cookie because she’s like a mom-slash-sister to me. We had a misunderstanding few months back and we haven’t talked or seen each other since then so I’m glad that she came that night. There’s still awkwardness during the first few hours of the night but as usual, we warmed up to each other and reminisce about the crazy days we spent together. Gosh! I missed her ear-splitting laugh and out-of-the-blue jokes! 🙂

My girls: Mami Cookie and Gresh and her lover, Oma.

The second day is what I call Lagare or wishing you’re in two places at once! hahaha I spent the eve of my birthday with my new-found friends at Cubao Expo (my favorite spot) and since it’s a weekend, there’s an event there with live bands, fair and it added bliss to my Birthday celebration! 🙂 I was accompanied with Tops, a very good musician who currently plays the drums for the local band Freefish along with his cool band mates and friends whom I loved instantly!

Okay, the truth is I was having a dramatic moment because as much as I love hanging out with my new found friends, I still kinda wished that I’m spending the eve of my birthday with my close friends and family.. yeah loved ones. So on my way home I was having a senti moment inside my car and good thing my best bud EG texted me and invited me to a party! What a sweet escape from misery! 🙂 And to my surprise, they’re having a karaoke night! I love karaoke nights! Thank God that I’m blessed with good voice and good hearing which makes me confident to sing in front of a lot of people! hahaha

My bad since I’ve had a few drinks and I can’t remember their names but they’re so fun to be with!! hahaha

And came my real birthday! I woke up late afternoon the next day because I got home at around 4am and I just missed my bed so bad that I slept the whole day off! haha My phone has been buzzing non-stop from the greets from my friends, relatives, parents, siblings and surprisingly from people I don’t even know! Peace! 🙂 It’s crazy how my facebook account has crashed a couple of times because of too much feeds and greets from my web-friends and I’m overwhelmed by it 🙂 I just love being me that day hehe My college friends are waiting for me to wake up and are on stand-by for my plans for that day. And there’s only one place I have in mind, Tagaytay.

The original plan is to spend the day in Enchanted Kingdom and be kids again but the weather is just unpredictable, one minute it’s sunny and next thing we know it’s raining hard! Dammit, I know right?! So I kidnapped Eg, Fritzi, Gresh and Oma to Tagaytay instead! hahaha We had dinner at this great, ancestral restaurant in Aguinaldo Highway called Pamana and I loooved the food! I’ve been eyeing that restaurant for quite some time whenever I pass by Tagaytay and I’m just curious about it! So this time, I made sure I’d get to experience the taste of that place. And boy was it a pleasant surprise; Not only is the interior very much well-designed (my friends are all successful interior designers by the way) using antique furniture and neutral color schemes, it will truly bring you back to the old-fashioned Filipino ancestral homes. The restaurant is a family-owned business from one of the richest clan in the country, the Ongpauco family and this restaurant is called Pamana or Inheritance (or family legacy, bequest) since it’s been in their family from the many generations, handed to the next generation and is now being ran by chef and owner Happy Ongpauco (she’s our client actually hehe) One of the well-known family member is the controversial actress Love Ongpauco who is most known by her screen name, Heart Evangelista.

They also have a souvenir shop, and these are the few items which we found cute and eye-catching!

They cater Filipino cuisine which are all good! Trust me, we know good food! hahaha

The magnificent interior and details of Pamana Restaurant

As you climb up the staircase, you’ll be greeted by the photographs pinned on the wall. These are the photos of their ancestors and family members from many generations. Isn’t it cool?! 🙂

The antique details of the restaurant. I wonder who those cute kids in the photograph are?

I’m with my college buds, Gresh, Fritzi and Oma.

Did I mention that Eg’s birthday came after mine? Yeah, it’s basically his day already! So Happy Birthday buddy! 🙂

Two of my best partners in crime 🙂

And of course, a very nice gift from my friends; the bill! hahahaha

The best part, a hearty meal and a happy stomach!

Yes, we’ll definitely come back 🙂

But the night isn’t over yet! So we went to a nearby coffee shop and cherish the nerve-wracking cold breeze of Tagaytay with an overlooking scenery. Besides I haven’t blown my candle yet and I won’t let this day pass without a slice of cake and they’re so sweet for treating Eg and I! We haven’t seen each other for such a long time so it’s kinda great spending the day with them. These people and I have been through a lot! Oh my god, I don’t even know where to start. The thing is, my college years would have been a big empty blur in my memory if it weren’t for them. We’ve been supporting each other through thick and thin, we’ve surpassed all the mischief that college life has to offer, we dealt with unimaginable issues and arguments together, and survived them all with our heads held up high. I’m telling you, these ladies are fighters and I’m glad they’re my friends because somehow I draw strength from them whenever I feel weak. I have a lot of friends and different cliques which sometimes makes it difficult to chose which are the best, but I realized I don’t have to chose! Because all of them are just great and I’d rather be single (for now haha) and be surrounded by real friends than be with someone who can’t love me the way I wanted to be loved 🙂

So cheers to friendship, birthday cakes and cold wind of Tagaytay!


KC 🙂


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