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After my dramatic moment last Sunday, September 23, 2012, I decided to file a leave the next day and fix myself up. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately to the point that I had an anxiety attack which causes me to breakdown and just lose myself. Such a “whoa!” I know! I never thought suppressing your feelings and dealing with a lot of stress can cause anxiety attack! It kinda scared me, to be honest, because I’m surprised that these things could happen. And I hate myself for breaking down but it felt good! hahaha seriously though, sometimes you just needed a good cry and I felt lighthearted afterwards, but don’t worry I won’t make it a habit πŸ™‚

I didn’t called my childhood friends during the time that I was breaking down because I know they’re also dealing with their own demons and I don’t want them to get fed up with my on and off dramas. But of course they knew about it and they’re all worried so that night, they visited me at my place and brought 4 boxes of pizza and palabok. Yum! I didn’t even cared to talk about my feelings and problems anymore because they’re just making me laugh so hard despite my puffed eyes and red nose. Promise, they’re like my cookies and cream in luxury vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and walnuts! They are just great best friends any person could ask for.

So came Monday, and since I took the day off, my friends Jem-Jem, Meowskie and I wanted to go to Cubao expo and go thrift-shopping because they got coolest and cheapest ukay-ukay clothes there. But my car is on coding, dammit! But we’re just so bored and there were no good movies to watch so we decided (not “we” really, I decided and they just tagged along) to drive to Cubao even though I’m on coding! hahaha and what a thrill it is because the moment we left the vicinity of the mall, two MMDA Traffic enforcers immediately spotted my car and so we pulled over! I tried my best to stay calm since all my friends are composed but my armpits are starting to get sweaty! I’m just really nervous, as in!!! Of course, I made lame excuses like I lost track of time and totally forgot that I’m on coding. I asked them if I could just turn behind the curb and go back inside the mall and wait til the coding time is over but of course, they wouldn’t fall for that. Oh, did I forgot to mention that I don’t have my license since I was (again) caught 2 months ago because of head-lights violation, which for me is totally ridiculous because it was around 6pm and I swear there’s still sunlight during that time! So I’ve been carrying a violation ticket for two months and I still haven’t claimed my license yet hihihi. So I told them my story for not having my license and to my horror, I can’t also find my violation ticket in my wallet!!!! Now, at this moment even my ass is starting to get sweaty!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

What’s more alarming is when their supervisor suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started lecturing me for not having my license and driving on coding blah blah blah and he wants to take off my car plate. FUUUUCCKKKKK!!!!!! Okay, mang MMDA left me with no other choice. It’s time for pa-cute (charm) and pa-awa (pity) effect! Which I can be a bit convincing using it, so I begged them not to take my plate off because my Dad’s gonna kill me if they do and he’s gonna cut me off etc etc. Normally, given the fact that traffic enforcers here in the country sucks and usually asks for lagay or bribe using money, fortunately my charming-and-pity-effect worked and the three traffic enforcers literally let us go!! Just like that!

WWWHHHHEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!!! I’m just so thankful and I wanna believe that I got away with it by my charms but I guess we’re just lucky that they are in a good mood πŸ™‚ hahaha

This is how I looked like while begging the MMDA officers not to take my car plate off πŸ™‚

And the funny thing was, I even have it on camera since I was documenting that time! But I’m too embarrassed with how me and my friends looked while begging so I decided not to post it! hahaha As they let us go, I swear, I remembered saying a silent prayer to all the saints I’ve known back in College and I swore not to drive again while my car’s on coding! πŸ™‚ So, we head back to the mall and played bowling instead just to kill time. We really sucked at it but we had fun! hahahaha

Me and my best childhood friend Jem, enjoying our cups of coffee and sweets while waiting for our friends.

These are my bowling buddies for the day and we all sucked at it! hahaha

Do I look professional enough? πŸ™‚

Ha! See?? I’m not all that bad?

These are Meowskie and Yen-Yen.

Amazingly, I’m the least sucker among us! hahaha hi-5!

This is why I’m not a fan of bowling, my nails get chipped!

Given that I had a stressful week and many weeks to come, it’s nice to unwind and have fun from time to time. And whether we’re not good at sports, at least we still enjoy doing so! Next week, we’ll try billiards and oh, we’re gonna run next weekend! I’m excited! πŸ™‚

See you around!




10 comments on “All Pins

  1. You’re so funny and adorable telling your stories. I always enjoy reading your posts, they give me a big smile every time.
    Bowling, even if not great for the nails, is a brilliant relaxation and fun. You have a lot of great friends and that’s one of the most important things we can have.

  2. Hi KC. I see you are a pussy cat really, especially when you are begging, pleading, kneeling, grovelling, sweating, ……..they are good traits for a girlfriend. πŸ˜‰ Hugs Ralph x

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