Dare Night

I can’t help but laugh it off when I’m reminiscing about last night’s epic and fail episode.

My week has been a combination of amazing and stressful days, about my work, boylets, crazy girlfriends, moving-on drama etc, etc… Stressful, yes, but totally amazing.

I’m so stressed out so when my friends invited me to go out and have a few drinks I immediately said YES! The original plan is to just relax and have coffee or grab something to eat but instead we ended up in Tides again (it’s starting to be my favorite hang out place!), drinking to our hearts content! That place doesn’t seem to ran out of customers because it’s Thursday night and normally it’s a BLAH-night, it was quite raining yet it’s swarming with people! Not just people, but perfect 10 score people, you know what I mean! hahaha We weren’t really interested in fishing tonight but apparently, when drinks started to sink in to your brains and stomach, your guts can literally push you to your limits. And the next thing is, we’re doing dare night!

You know, when you had an awful and stressful week at work and not to mention your ex, whom you’re trying your best to get over with suddenly texts you out of nowhere and gives you mixed signals that your smart brains can’t figure out?! YEAH! You’d definitely wanna get drunk tonight!!!! Or any other night for that matter!!! We’re on our first pitcher of our favorite mix of chocolate syrup with rhum. Yummy! It’s just a simple dare really, we’re not into super-duper-out-of-control-dares, like typical American dare night (no offense), because we’re actually avoiding eternal damnation! hahahaha The dare is, my beloved girlfriend, Mindy would eat a slice of green chili and in return I’d do something for her like I’d ask for a guy’s name. This time, she has her eyes for this cute, bald (kalbo) guy in blue polo, sitting with his two friends a few tables away from us. Yeah, he’s into bald guys! Let’s do this! hahaha After drinking my fourth shot, I head for their table and asked for their names. I didn’t enjoyed talking to them, actually.Β He’s name is Paul or Paulo, whatever, he has a good face structure but he and his friends are kinda lame and dull, no wonder they’ve chosen to sit in the far corner of the resto-bar. It’s a poor shot for my friend Mindy tonight and I love her still, but it’s my turn!

Ladies, let me tell you something. Try not to be shy when approaching a guy. They’re just men! They won’t bite, or maybe they will but you’re gonna love it anyway! hahaha The shy-type filipiniana demeanor is so last century! Honestly! You have to build your confidence and believe that you can make it happen. But don’t play over the top, for instance, last night I was just wearing a loose navy blue shirt and simple capri pants but I matched it with my 5-inch killer wedge (Note: if you’re planning to get drunk, just wear flats). I tied my hair to one side baring my other shoulder and I’m not wearing make-up, just concealer to hide my eyebags and applied peach lipgloss so I don’t look pale. But I never lose my smile like some paparazzi is aiming a shot at me and whenever I go to the ladies’ comfort room, I strut it like I’m walking the runway! hahahaha Guys would go for confident woman who mesmerizes the people around her every time she walks in a room. Let’s face it, you’re in a bar and of course you’re expecting the guys to chaise after you but how will they know if you’re into them when you always look at your feet whenever you’re passing by their table, right? So don’t be afraid to look at them and when you see a cute guy, flash him a sweet smile! Trust me, your sweet smile will never fail you πŸ™‚

So going back, I took a moment to observe the men in my radar. There’s a moreno guy who’s glancing my way every now and then, and I find him cute but some girl is clinging to his arms and I don’t want cat fight tonight so scratch that! And shame on that guy, he’s with someone already yet he keeps on flirting with me, what an asshole! The thing is, next to our table is a group of three guys and within that group is a tall, hunk, handsome guy wearing blue shirt, I think he’s in late twenty’s, and he catches my attention right away but I shrug the thought off. But from the corner of my eye, I can see he’s also checking me out. And I thought, I’ll save you for later. LOL Did I mention that I’m attracted to guys with nice body built especially their backs?! I dunno but I just have a thing for guys with lean and muscular back! And I saw this guy-next-door who’s wearing white shirt with a nice butt, I mean back! LOL and I told Mindy, he’s my dare. He also happens to be really cute so my friend approached their table and told him I said “Hi” and waves back at me. Their table is near the comfort room so when I went to freshen up, and as I passed by their table, I saw him literally beaming at me like he just won a lottery!!! But oh my, what a charming smile he has there!

We finished our drinks but we’re having so much fun that we decided to order two more pitchers! We called the bus boy who was just talking to this hunk guy in blue shirt! And after taking our orders, I asked him if he knows the Blue-Shirt-Guy, apparently he and his friends are regular customers so he knows him pretty well. Great! I don’t know what got into me, or maybe I’m just really attracted to this guy that I told the bus boy “Say ‘Hi’ for me, will yah?” WOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! After that,Β Blue-Shirt-Guy motions a shot for me and the bus boy told us that they will be paying for our drinks! BONGGA! A simple “Hi” in exchange for free two pitchers + pulutan! I’m so looooving this night! πŸ™‚

As a courtesy for giving us free drinks, I approached their table and thanked them. I don’t normally do this, except for dares but what the hell right?? It’s now or never! hahaha They invited me for a tequila shot and I chat a bit with them. Blue-shirt-guy’s name is Jie or Gie, he’s a sensible talker but his jokes are a bit corny, oh well, you really can’t have it all πŸ™‚ I can tell that they’re pros when it comes to entertaining ladies they’re with because I almost forgot that I have friends with me! OMG right?! They are inviting us to go to a nearby club afterwards but the alcohol is starting to hit off and I have work the next day, so we politely declined. Besides, it’s enough that he has my number for tonight, and it’s better to keep a guy coming back for more *wink. Keep that in mind ladies haha

This is one of the moments where I’m amazed with my driving skills and makes me wonder how did I get home?? I really am drunk last night that I slept with my day clothes on, and the worst part is, the liquor can’t hide my depression that I drunk-text you-know-who! AN EPIC FAIL!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m actually cringing now as I write this blog, and I’m scolding myself “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING KC?!” and my response to myself is “WHAT??? I’m drunk! People do stupid things when their drunk!” HAHAHAHAHA The craziest thing about having a touch-screen phone is when you’re drunk or driving, your text message doesn’t make any sense 99% at a time! My text goes like:

“I hape u! Y r u doing ds tn me?!@ +tu cant jrt txt me bec ku wana me?! U cnt jpt dp dktat?! If u wnt m bk jpt say ,1?!U kn i stil ktuv u.. Gts unfair. Its fckn uqnfair”


Oh please kill me now! HAHAHAHA fucking hilarious and such an epic fail!

Note to myself: DELETE him and his number and UNmemorize it!!!!!!

Cheers to a drunken night!




12 comments on “Dare Night

  1. Lols! Aw! I thought you conquered the night what with all the approaching and stuff but woosh! Haha. But this is funny! Wish you all the best in your un-memorizing! πŸ™‚

  2. How could you manage to write a post like that .. if you had hangover – amazing and so good. I got a good laugh – you, young girls of today don’t behave much different to what I did in your age – only that I was never drunk … true. Have only been drunk 4 times in my life .. and I have learned for them. Wonderful post, but next time go easy on the shots … because no guys really like drunk girls – expect for one thing. *smile

    • my head is really throbbing while writing this post but thanks for appreciating πŸ™‚ hahahaha that’s what we call “liberated” πŸ™‚ thanks for the concern my friend, and yes I don’t get drunk that easily or mostly I hide it well hahaha and yes I’m always careful πŸ™‚

      • Good for you …. I don’t like to see young ladies being drunk – because they put them in a exposed place .. even if careful our reaction isn’t that great when we have too much alcohol in us. I trust you .. to take good care of you.

  3. Girl, if you’re in the US, you might get DUI’d. he he he

    So, did the guy at the bar call you back ?

    How about the ex? Does he want you back ?

    Sorry, I’m just too nosy.

    • What do you mean Dul’d? πŸ™‚ hahaha trust me, I don’t do it very often, it’s just for a dare night hahaha besides, girls here are so demure that even smiling at a guy is such a no-no! hahaha

      yes, the guy added me up on facebook and he asked me if we could hang out! ha!

      as for my ex, the last time I saw him was last saturday during our highschool get-together other than that, we’re not communicating at all which is totally fine with me πŸ™‚

      • DUI is Driving Under the Influence…. usually when folks here go out to drink, there’s always a designated driver… the one who won’t drink.

        oh, totally dump the ex !

        and be careful with the new…. just check him out…. maybe there’s a GF somewhere, eh.

      • Well my BFF is always the designated driver haha

        yeah, you bet! I forgot how fun it is to be single and I’m just done with chasing after boys and have them chase me instead LOL just kidding πŸ™‚

        So how about you? Currently seeing some cute guy? πŸ™‚

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