Rumour Has It

Is it really difficult for some people to just mind their own business? I mean, honestly what can you get when you gossip about other people’s lives? And not to mention, talking about it over the social network, such as, I dunno TWITTER maybe?

NOTE: To all my readers, I truly apologize if you’d be reading nasty, inappropriate and bitchy things in this post. I can’t help it, I’m sorry I’M JUST SO PISSED!!!

As much as I wanna drop names, I don’t want to drive any attention to that troll because she’s not worth the buzz. Well, at least you know she’s a “she.” Actually, a female troll. I consider her lucky because she’s included in my worthwhile blogs and I get to talk about her, just not in a good way. But I don’t care, she deserves it and that doesn’t even come close to what I truly have in mind for her. Oh, may God forbid!

I’m sure you have your own group of friends. And in every group, there’s this one friend of yours who’s the bully and always wants to be the center of attention, he or she just can’t help it you know, it’s just the way he/she is. Well, in my group of friends that’s her. But we’re not friends anymore because she cut the communication already. Okay, whatever her decisions are regarding our friendship I respect that. I honestly didn’t understand her reasons and perceptions but I tried to understand her. She clearly doesn’t want to be friends with us anymore and so be it. She’d rather be with some immature losers and social climbers who share the same ego as large as the Empire State Building like her, yeah, they belong with each other.

As much as we don’t want to make a big deal out of it, her cutting the friendship and stuff, but when she decided to “unfriend” us in facebook, wow that was big news! We were literally shocked! I mean, can’t she be mature and considerate enough to talk to us personally or with whatever shit of communication available now?? In fact, we were the ones who even reached out to her and asked what’s going on. But she’s certain to give up on our friendship because of whatever crap of history there is about her and one of our friend and she’s trapped in it (which is a different story.) We were hurt, shocked, annoyed, furious, but we let go. We actually thought that she’s ever gonna change but then, truly it’s a lost cause.

What’s more annoying is when she started talking about our circle of friends to her new-found loser friends over twitter and facebook! OH MY GOD right??! What the fuck is your problem dude?! You’re the one who decided to end our friendship and yet you’re the one with the heavy heart. I don’t get it, I really don’t! Well, it doesn’t come as a big surprise really knowing how bitchy you are but you know, what hurts more is that we WERE FRIENDS BEFORE. Does that single thing doesn’t mean anything to her anymore that she would start blabbering about some sensitive issues about us and to even share it to the world in a malicious and spiteful kind of way?? We’ve all moved on about her cutting-the-friendship issue but clearly she’s still carrying that baggage when it’s not even our fault! You’re full of crap girl, will you mind growing up!!! Seriously, is your life and lovelife not interesting enough that you sought after ours?! You should have this BIG mark atop your forehead saying “I’M PATHETIC. STAY AWAY FROM ME!”

Don’t wait until all your so-called friends now starts seeing the real you and cut you out of their lives because I’m telling you, you’re gonna go down and you’re gonna be alone for the rest of your life and I’ll be glad as hell to witness that. You have gone too far and this has got to stop. And trust me when I say this, STOP spreading rumours about ME, MY FRIENDS AND OUR LOVED ONES or the next thing you’ll see is my big palm hitting your thick-skinned face. You get that, bitch?


9 comments on “Rumour Has It

  1. Shes not a bitch sailor mars hello ang harsh mo naman remember we were once friends with her. Bitter lang teh. If youre reading this, which i know you are, please? Just be happy for lalaine and barn. Wag nang makisawsaw sa karlene and kev issue, kasi at the end of the day, hindi mo naman problema ung mga buhay nila eh. Mind your own shits.. Arsey twat! O igoogle mo yan. Try mo i tweet bka mag trending!

  2. You’e so great to express yourself – that’s why I clicked like – but I don’t like that when we hang our dirty laundry – there is a place and time for everything. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, because what you do is that you sink to the same level as her .. and you should keep you well above that. You have to take good care of yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. I write this because I care.

    • I understand viveka, and I’m aware of what my actions would cause. It’s just that, this person has been bugging me and my friends for months now. We have kept our silence for such a long time and yet she won’t even stop. I want her to get to taste and feel how awful it is to be talked about in social networks and stuffs. It’s depressing how we get into this but she has to learn.

      But thank you for pointing that out πŸ™‚ you’re a good friend

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