Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars (plus the real Sailor)

Your Bestfriend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again…

It’s funny how my best friend and I started our friendship by mimicking our favorite hit cartoon TV series during the day, Sailor Moon. We may not looked as pretty as those girls in manga and short-short skirts, but a girl can dream right? πŸ™‚

Rhona Hazel, a.k.a. Dang, Rhonabebe, Peach, Barbie, Tsong, and finally Sailor Venus, is my best friend since the 6th grade. She claims to be Sailor Venus (the blonde one), because the cartoon character portrays a sweet, innocent and charming girl-next-door, and I’m Sailor Mars (the brunette one) because she’s the more aggressive, fierce and strong-willed in the story. Though sometimes, it’s the other way around. And there’s also our gay friend, whom we’ll just hide under his screen name, Bianka King and the real sailor because he works as a seaman! A gay seaman, what are the odds right? πŸ™‚ Now I can’t help giggling while I write this blog πŸ™‚

She may not know this but she is one of the most important people in my life. You see, the greatest thing about her is that she knows EVERYTHING about me, but still loves me anyway… And likewise. We may have our differences but we always jive and connect and most of the time, we finish each others sentences and it seems like our intestines are attached to each other! (gross, I know!) She likes listening to Jazz and Love songs, and I prefer listening to Indie and Rock. She took Nursing and I took Interior Design, obviously we have different career paths hahaha When it comes to boys and dating, her type is what we categorized as “Daddy-Daddy” because she favors guys who are a bit older than us or shall we say, Father-figure πŸ™‚ And my preference to guys is “Dirty-Dirty” or the type who are cool musicians with rock vibe and tattoos all over! Now readers, you know the difference between “Daddy-Daddy” and “Dirty-Dirty!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We save each others butts all the time! During high school days, I was being bullied by some mean girls and she will always stand up for me and afterwards we’ll grab halo-halo at the back gate (a place in our school where the students usually hangout and buy some snacks) so I’d feel better. She is more fierce than I am apparently, because she can take care of herself. I’d be surprised that she’s in the principal’s office (time and again) because she got into a cat fight! hahahaha yeah, she’s can be a hot-headed bitch that’s why some of our schoolmates stay clear from her at the hallway πŸ™‚ I remember we’d be each others excuses from our parents if we’re going out with our boyfriends and friends! (okay, in my defense, that was a long time ago!) πŸ™‚

Our friendship has been through the toughest of all the weathers. We shared each other’s happiness, loneliness, failures and success. We laughed, cried and get crazy together. She would call me in the wee hours of the night just to tell me about the new pair of shoes she recentlyΒ  bought, or I’ll bother her the following day to ask consultation about my dress for my big date. She’ll accompany me and the rest of the gang without any complaint until dawn during the times that I had my heart broken, and I’ll bring tequila over her place just because it’s a Friday night. We’d go to gym together but we’d just gossip about the latest news and we’d end up eating on the nearest pancitan instead. hahaha we’d do household errands together just to have an excuse to go to mall and so help us God ’cause the next thing we know we’re buying pairs of shoes and girly stuff πŸ™‚ And sometimes we’d just sit in silence, sip coffee and puff some smoke in a local coffee shop, and just watch the cars passing by. With Rhona, I never had a hard time explaining myself, actually more often than not, I don’t evenΒ  need to explain myself with her because as crazy as it sounds, she always got me. And when she’s having a hard time explaining the situation to me, I’d just squeeze her hand, give her an encouraging smile and that’s it, she would calm down. Being friends with her made me realize that maybe your girlfriends are your soul-mates and boys are just there to make fun with πŸ™‚

I’m so happy for her as I bear witness to the beautiful changes in her life. Earlier this year, she got engaged to her long-time boyfriend of 8 years (finally!), and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish them the happiest married life ever! Also, she just passed the Nursing Board Exam last month and I’m so proud of her! Plus, we’ll be celebrating her 25th birthday this weekend! Talk about a great year right? πŸ™‚

She once told me after beating myself up with the recent drama I’m facing and I quote, “People may come and go, but I’ll never leave you. You know that.” I so love that girl andΒ I’m loving my life even more. Having a best friend like her, who needs an army right? πŸ™‚





5 comments on “Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars (plus the real Sailor)

  1. What a wonderful celebration of friendship – wonderful post – you should listen to your friend. She is much more valuable than a male partner – because she will be there for you at all times doesn’t matter what will happen. . Wonderful.

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