Hail to the Mean!

Title: She’s So Mean

Artist: Matchbox Twenty

Album: North

Yes, you heard it right. The Matchbox Twenty is finally coming out with a new album this September and they just released their new single entitled “She’s so mean.” I heard it on the radio this morning along the stretch of Katipunan Ave. and I can’t help but laugh my ass off because of the lyrics!!! I’m not saying that the lyrics particularly aims toward me for that matter, it’s just that, somehow I can relate (ooopsss!!!!) Remember my previous blog about my being a brat? (See link below)


Okay, fine. I’ll admit it. I MAY be a brat or MEAN but not all the time! Gosh! (see how defensive I can get LOL) I told my sister about my recent argument with Kev and how I came up with an apology blog (which obviously didn’t work because I haven’t heard from him until now. NOW THAT IS MEAN!) hahahahaha So anyway, she told me that at least I’m brave enough to admit my shortcomings and she told me “you can be a brat oftentimes but I still love you though.” And I was like REALLY?? GEE THANKS. But then I figured I’d just let it go because at least she loves me still hahaha

Then I heard this song and I reckon, how can I be mean, brat and demanding? – hang on, those were the exact words of Kev??!!! WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT!? Honestly, I was taken aback by those words and I was extremely hurt. Who wouldn’t be hurt when you were called brat, demanding and mean right??!! Come on I’m just a sweet, sweet lady of the 20th century who knows what she wants and how to get it 🙂 (with extra-volume mascara, pink lipstick and a *halo*)  hihihi

Whenever I ask the guy I’m dating for a favor or something, (which I still believe that I shouldn’t have to in the first place because he could’ve figure that out on his own, but then again we’re talking about guys; Guys who doesn’t have any idea until you point them to the right direction. You know what I mean?) for them it automatically means I’m demanding things, time or efforts or whatever you wanna call it from them when in fact, for me it’s just lambing (endearment)  and the reason that I’m assertive to ask him these things its because I know, deep in my core, that I can double the amount of effort you’ve shown me because that’s how you mean to me. Is that being demanding? I’m not really sure but that’s how I feel and think. You see, the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard in a relationship is “Less expectations, less disappointments.” in short DO NOT EXPECT. Well it sucks. Big time. You’re just a human being, for pete’s sake, you have this undying need to love and be loved in return. Aren’t those two things the most wonderful feeling in the world? But unfortunately for some people, it’s just a one-way-street.

Have you seen the movie Bride Wars which starred the hot actresses Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway? Here’s a clip from that movie wherein Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Fletcher (Chris Patt) are having an argument about why is Emma acting so not-herself lately.

Based on my understanding on this clip, if a woman is expressing her anger and excitement she’s being mean and bitchy already. Is that it? Gosh what a cynical world we’re living in. So girls just have to be proper and demure or in short, we’re not allowed to express what we feel, think or our goddamn reactions, is that right? Well, I’m sorry but I’m a very opinionated kind of woman and I can’t just stand there not expressing what I feel and as per Senator Miriam Defensor used to say “We’re now living in a democratic world and I’m a woman and I deserve to be heard.” (or something like that hehe) Amen.

Okay this topic is making my blood boil so I’m gonna stop writing about it now!

So anyway, no matter what the song indicates I still like it and find it funny. The story behind this song doesn’t refer to any girl in particular (Maybe I’m just plain guilty that’s why I reacted this way hahahaha) and the band started writing it when they we’re reminiscing about the girls they dated before and at one point they all dated a “Mean Girl” and for some reason they just kept on coming back. (Sigh) Tell me about it. Tsk





12 comments on “Hail to the Mean!

  1. I don’t understand why you’re such a terrible woman to be around … why you’re a brat or bitch.
    You have to stop that … it’s not your fault only when things don’t work out.
    When the right man comes into your life .. everything falls into place. There will be no need for demands. When a relationships is not working out .. Everything goes bad, even us. ‘
    Enough is enough of this down selling of yourself.

    • (sigh) even myself can’t understand sometimes why I’m being misunderstood by this man that I love. He’s like teaching me a lesson that I can’t always get what I want and he’s teaching me the hard way, you know what I mean.
      But yeah, you’re right when the right man comes along everything will fall into place.

      • If he really love you he wouldn’t teach you anything .. I think it’s more for his own pleasure and guys like that we should give anytime. You have apologized and if that’s not enough – he are not in love on the same level as you’re. He are playing for his on satisfaction – not a guy I will give my heart too.
        Whatever you don’t sell yourself short and don’t beg for love.

      • I know, I know.. The crazy thing is I can’t help defensing him even to myself. Shit, I’m a real mess am I? hahaha I understand what you’re saying and I wanna take your advice, for real, because that’s for the best but somehow, I’m clouded by this unrequited love and I don’t know how to wipe it out, you know what I mean?! argh!

      • Yes, I understand – no man is worth thoughts like yours. It will take some time, take a step back and clear your head. Say – it’s not me that has done wrong and start thinking from that base.

  2. Mean? Demanding? Brat? What the! I get you sis! Those are just endearments really! These species, so sensitive and insensitive at the same time. It’s their fault. Haha. Kidding aside, I like this post! I 🙂

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