Song Feature: Invented by Jimmy Eat World

Title: Invented

Album: Invented

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

This song is my favorite track in their released album back in 2010. You may find it familiar since it’s been used for the hit film and book, I am Number Four 🙂 Great choice of soundtrack, I should say! What I love about Jimmy Eat World is that their songs doesn’t state the obvious. It’s like you have to be ‘in’ that scene to really comprehend what the songs tells you. Very clever. I can say that JEW together with Taking Back Sunday and The Used does that kind of effect on me. Well, honestly up to now I still can’t entirely figure out what Invented really portrays. But I’ll try! hehe

For me the song tells about a guy and a girl who’s been long-time friends. Like the story in the film One Day where Anne Hathaway starred with Jim Sturgess. So anyway, when two people have been long time friends, they pretty much take everything for granted. Well not in a totally bad way. It’s like, you know that person is there for you and you see them as your ‘best’ friend but not as your ‘special’ friend, you know what I mean. Until one day, you’d realize that you’ve been missing something. All the while it’s right in front of your face and you haven’t figure that out til now. For some it may be too late, for the lucky ones they might end up together.

When I first came to see you I called it Houston street. Could we meet? Show me all the things you see?” 

from the first verse and the second goes like

When I first came to LA I met you the old fashioned way. Too drunk. Even worse, much too lonely.” 

This tells that they constantly see each other and catch up with each others lives just like normal friends do.

I’m one more here. Some old-timer pioneer. Who believes with shaken faith I still have some cool. 

could leave you here with your ‘people’. If I’m a flag you’d not prefer to wave.” 

For me this line tells about the guy finally deciding to be with her but eventually he can’t cope up with her surroundings of her lifestyle. ‘I could leave you here with your people’, he’s saying he doesn’t belong there. But he keeps on coming back and trying to really fit in. Or maybe that’s the reason why they can’t be together as lovers because they have such different beliefs and lifestyle. Whew this is mentally draining! LOL

“Any dick can roll up in a suit. But only I would know what really moves you.” 

This line really gets me. I mean, don’t you just love and hate it at the same time when this certain person really knows you inside and out. Who knows what you really want, how to sweep you off your feet and moves you (sigh).

“There’s a cinematic endI picture it just right.
Having trouble with the right wordsBut you tell me with your eyes.
There’s something good I missSomething I cant’ find.
Do you believe me now? Can you see it in my eyes?”

The guy is telling the girl how they left things hanging. It’s a cinematic end and truly gone amiss. They can’t express through words and his telling her to look him in the eyes and feel everything that words can’t say. He simply overlooked the magnificent things in their relationship. He missed how he needs her. And all the while she’s just standing there in front of him. Like someone tapped him the back and whispers : It’s her.

And the best part of course is the chorus:

“You’re always in my head. You’re just what I wanted. I live in constant debt to feel you, invented.”

The two paragraphs pretty much says it all. He feels he lives in constant debt to God or some deity who creates this woman. Making her everything that he ever asked for in a girl, and its like a dream come true to finally find her after years of searching and creating that image inside his head of a perfect girl for him. And now everything is clear to him, that she can finally be with him and be able to feel her, like she just got invented.


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