How I missed blogging

I can’t explain how so much joy I’m feeling that I’m typing my thoughts on this keyboard. It’s been a while since my last post and I’m DYING to update my blog site!

The past few weeks has been heaven and hell and honestly, I don’t know where to start! I’m actually taking this free time to write since my colleagues at my office and I, together with our boss are supposed to have a meeting but (fortunately! haha) I have colds and terrible cough so my boss wouldn’t get near me. I’m like a “RED ALERT” to him. He’s really overreacting, ALWAYS, in my opinion lol

But anyway, my work has been overly demanding. We’re currently dealing with some VVVIP clients and it’s just time and effort-consuming. It’s really exhausting. I’m not gonna bore you out with the kind of industry I’m working at.

The weather here is terrible. A lot of storms are forming in the Philippine clouds to the point where most of the places are in state of calamity. Tsk

I’m sick most of the time. And I hate being sick. It makes me feel I’m too vulnerable.

And the worst part is, I haven’t seen the controversial Batman and Dictator movie! Argh (what could get any worse?)

So that’s pretty much what’s been happening and I’m totally BORED with it!!!!

Gosh I need a life!!




2 comments on “How I missed blogging

  1. Great to hear from you … sometimes blogging can be a curse. Want to do it … don’t have time to do it … you have been missed too. Take it easy and write whenever you have time. Your health comes first of all … even before work. Promise. You have changed you theme too. Like it very much.

  2. Great to hear from you too! You’re right! I’m actually having dreams about blogging hahahahaha creepy but funny :p the weather here is such a mess and really unpredictable. Thanks much! Have a great day!

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