Oh Life…

Small Joys

As we go on our busy life in the metro, we seldom stop to relax and take notice on all the things that’s been happening in our surroundings. I work 6 days a week, and I spend almost all of my energy for the entire day in my work. And when its necessary, I work ’til the wee hours of night just because the entire day is not enough to get all things done. That’s why I always find small joys whenever I get to see kids playing in the streets or showering in the rain. Or when I see our old family photo in the wall, or waking up from a good night sleep. Even seeing a cigarette vendor in the busy road of Katipunan and wondering how much has he earned today. The people eating in the nearby 711 or the coconut trees being swayed by the wind across my office. Simple, spontaneous experiences that reassure us of the unending trickle of happiness that we can easily cup in our hands. Old couple holding hands while crossing the street, kites soaring in the sky, paper boats gliding by. It isn’t a moment that you seek. It is a moment that finds you, becomes you.


What is the most relaxing thing to do that comes into your mind? For me it would be swimming. Just swimming underneath the waters and feel it blanket you with its coolness and silence is the most relaxing thing in the world. After a good swim, I always feel awakened. It helps me clear my mind from the pointless and unnecessary clutter of the outside world.  How I yearn for plunging into the depths of the waves and feel its icy coolness sink into my skin and lungs. (sigh) When can I feel you again?


Muscle pain, bruised knees, gasping for breath, whipping hair, pounding bass, all these are the ecstasy and the itch of dancing. Being a kid, my dad would ask me to dance lambada for him as he whistle its tune. Since then, I never thought dancing would be of such a great influence on me. I don’t have any professional background or training, but the fun in learning a routine with my college buds and being able to compete and perform in the different intercollegiate dance competitions is for me, one of the priceless episodes in my life. It’s not for the applause, the trophies and the recognition. It’s not about standing out. It’s not about showing off. It’s about seizing the impulse, feeling the drive. Pushing the limits. It isn’t easy. But nothing incredible ever is.


City driving is stressful. Not to mention, I’m in Manila where the public vehicles drivers aren’t afraid of anything and everything that comes their way. Or in Tagalog, ‘walang sinasanto‘. Yes, the bus, taxi and jeepney drivers; these people are the ogres of Manila streets. Oh, I forgot to mention the motorcycles. Goodness gracious the bikers!  But I’d rather drive than commute. I never wanna go back to riding the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) ever again. But no matter how stressful it may be, I always find ways to make it amusing and soothing somehow. Just hearing the engine stir up as you push your cars keys on, and as you turn the stirring wheel you and the car become one.  And as you press your foot on the gas lever, everything just comes alive. All your senses are vigilant, your eyes move, you hearing is more focused and your mind works. Your body is in sync with every movement of your car. Your visual is widening, like an amplified wide angle camera waiting for a shot. And as your speedometer raises from 20, 40, 60, 80… Liberty.


Being in love is the most tremendous, nerve-wracking , spine-tingling. mind-boggling feeling (all at the same time) in the world. It can give you the most happiness and supreme heartache you can ever imagine. It pushes you the extreme. It opens your eyes to all the possibilities. It makes you want to be more and do more. Just when you thought your patience has reached its peak, it surprises you how you still manage to press on. Illis quos amo deserviam. You just know, you just do.


Making-music is one of the world’s greatest invention. For most of us, it’s our saving grace. It exemplifies your moods and personality, it gives you hope and inspiration. Whenever I thought everything around me are full of rotten things, music makes me think everything’s gonna be just fine. I have lots of favorite genres, but as much as possible I listen to different ones. Every song has different meaning, every artist has different objectives, and every composition has different splendor and uniqueness. And so with every tune, with every beat, I’m being cradled to a world where passion and harmony meets.

The power of Art

I’m an artist. And I believe that in everything that I do, art always has a big impact on that. I have great admiration in colors, shapes, strokes and form. I consider the techniques and functionality of each product as a designer. Mankind has such a vast diversity when it comes to talents and skills. And it gives me great honor that I was blessed with such talents and keen eye for design. Art is an ever-changing evolution. It should not be compelled inside a small box.


2 comments on “Oh Life…

  1. Love you choice of photos for this post. Small joys, my favorite section … very well written and it make so much sense all of it. Well done and thanks for a very good post.

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