Got inked for the third time

Illis quos amo deserviam

I was browsing the net for some Latin phrases a few weeks ago. Well, I really wanted a tattoo but this time, it should be extra meaningful. So I decided to place a tattoo which is extraordinary, simple yet truly conspicuous. Why not a Latin phrase? 🙂 Illis quos amo deserviam which means For those I love I will sacrifice is actually one of the common phrases in Latin, but upon reading it, it just feels so right. I mean, who wouldn’t do anything for the people they love right?

My readers all over the world knows about my tattoos but my parents doesn’t know a single thing about it! HAHAHAHA Seriously! They’re really conservative and I SWEAR, once they found out (and I’m pretty sure they will when I go to Italy or they’ll have their vacation here in Manila real soon) they’re gonna K.I.L.L. me! LOL  I can actually imagine what my dad would say about these tats, like I’m ruining my skin or what’s got into me etc.! But, people have different points of view in certain things and you can’t always delight everybody with what you do or say. So I always keep in mind that I should keep doing what I love while doing it right 🙂

But no matter what my parents would say, I dedicate this tattoo to them. I know what they’ve done for me and my siblings can never be paralleled with just a tattoo but in simple ways that I can, I wanna pay homage to them. This is also for my friends who’ve always been there for me all throughout my struggles and victories in life. Life may be bittersweet but with every step, they surely made it momentous. And lastly to my Mushy who have shown me how it is to love and be loved in an immeasurable way.


4 comments on “Got inked for the third time

  1. “I will devote myself to those whom I love” – what I understand … what a wonderful phrase – and I love the tattoo … wonderful done.

  2. Gday. Sorry to bother you but I happened to run across your website and discovered you’re using the exact same theme as me. The only problem is on my website, I’m struggling to get the theme looking like yours. Would you mind contacting me at: so I can get this figured out. By the way I’ve bookmarked your site: and will be visiting frequently. Thank you!

    • Wow that’s great! Well unfortunately, I’m also a newbie at this LOL I just look for themes that suites my taste and click on it and heaven knows how it looked like this hahaha good luck!

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