Being a brat and everything in between

A guy I dated before told me I’m too COMPLICATED. Well, being stubborn as I was before I slapped him solid in the face hahaha I wonder where he is now? ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I never took it seriously until my friends started betting about the maximum months I’d be dating a certain guy. And I was like “What the hell is going on? Is there something wrong with me?” I mean, I thought I was being a good girl (*halo) and a kind one, take note! I’m not bragging or anything but I know ย my parents are blessed with good genes and passed it on to me and my siblings (*cough conceited *cough) LOL and he told me it’s rude to use my beauty in deceiving other people. WOW! Who does he think I am? Angelina Jolie??!! WTF right? Well, kidding aside. I really thought that I was being nice back then, when someone made me realized I’m not “nice” enough. I wanted to say “WHATEVER” but I thought its best to shut up and let it sink in.

OK, I admit. I’m used to get away with what I want, metaphorically and figuratively speaking. But it’s not in my nature to deceive other people just to get what I want. Uhmm… do I?? Now I’m doubting myself! Damn you ex! HAHAHA

Maybe 3 or 5 years ago I would just shrug the fact that someone told me I’m a spoiled brat, but now I’m haunted by it. You see, there’s a difference between “Spoiled” and a “Brat.” I may be spoiled in some ways (not at the time) since the people around me always agrees on what I say and does what I want or give it me, no hassle at all. Being a brat is being ill-mannered to the people surrounding them and just being plainly annoying. So, I therefore conclude that I’m not a brat because I have no reason to be since I always get what I want! HAHAHAHA (Gosh, just reading those lines makes me laugh my ass off!) But do you get my point here? As crazy as it sound, but that’s just the way it goes. I mean, maybe, just maybe, if someone disagrees with me then that’s the time I can ACT as a brat but I seldom don’t. SELDOM. Because most of the time I argue, meaning I laid on the table what I want and why I want it but if there’s no point arguing then that’s the time that I compromise. As simple as that. whew.

So it’s really disturbing when someone calls me brat. Here, I’ll show you a scenario:

SCENARIO: Kevin and I are having dinner.

KC: Mush, can I ask you a favor? (with matching *beautiful eyes)

KEV: Sure Mush, what is it?

KC: But first you have to say yes. (*beautiful eyes with big bright smile ๐Ÿ™‚ )

KEV: (eyes narrowing) Kinakabahan ako jan sa favor na yan ah.ย 

(I’m starting to get nervous with that favor ah)

KC: Please… (*beautiful eyes with brig bright smile ๐Ÿ™‚ plus pleading hands)

KEV: Okay, okay.

KC: Yey! Since it’s weekend tomorrow, can you fetch me from home to work so I won’t be bringing my car? If that’s okay with you? ๐Ÿ™‚

KEV: Oh no, Love I can’t, I have work tomorrow..

KC: Ohh… (long pause) It’s okay. No problem.

KEV: Are you mad? You are mad.

KC: I’m not. I said it’s okay.

KEV: Then you’re sad. Alam mo naman susunduin kita kung kaya ng schedule ko diba?ย Please Mush, don’t be mad.

(Then you’re sad. You know I’d fetch you if I’m free right? Don’t be mad.)

KC: (I’m being truthful here with my whole heart) Honestly mush, I’m not.

KEV: But I saw your face, you’re reaction went from happy to sad. Kung hindi okay, ba’t di mo nalang sabihin?

(But I saw your face, you’re reaction went from happy to sad. If it’s not okay with you, why can’t you just say so?)

KC: Anu gusto mong sabihin ko?ย Ano gusto mo i-react ko?ย I said it’s okay, how many times do I have to say it?

(What do you expect me to say? How do you want me to react? I said it’s okay, how many times do I have to say it?)

KEV: See, you’re being a brat again.

KC: (Jaws dropped)ย Paano ako naging brat? In the first place, you never should have said YES!

(How am I being a brat?ย In the first place, you never should have said YES!)

KEV: But you told me to say YES! Blah blah blah blah

Am I being a brat? Am I? AM I? ๐Ÿ™‚ haha reading this conversation makes me laugh, I swear. ‘Cause I remember that night when we were arguing and we’re both pissed off, but as always we managed to sort things out. But really, am I being a brat during this conversation? Or just because people are used to me, being spoiled that no matter what I say its unbelievable to them?! I told a friend about our fight and the only thing she told me was “Because you are a brat! Now both of you stop acting like kids so sort it out!” hahaha It’s driving me CRAZY! Really!

(He’s always making fun of my “Sullen-gloomy-and-hungry” facial expression!)

I don’t like it whenever he says I’m a brat, because I’m not. I repeat, I’M NOT! I may be a little impatient and get easily annoyed with my pet peeves but I’m really everything but a brat. Sigh, but what can I say? People can change for the worse and much more for the better right? So if he thinks I’m being a brat, then I’d lessen being and acting one. So there, Mushy, I promise to lessen being a spoiled brat or whatever you wanna call it. Because that’s how much I love yah! ๐Ÿ™‚





5 comments on “Being a brat and everything in between

  1. Brat ???! Wonder why somebody that are suppose to love you – call you something like that – I have some good names for guys like him. Not a good sign in my eyes. If I where you – don’t continue a “zero” conversion like that. Even if you didn’t like the answer – why carry on about it. Also if the answer is no … accept it.

    • hahahaha I know right? Well, I’ve been trying my very best to minimize it. You know, in order to make it work. I guess relationships really are two-way street. ๐Ÿ™‚

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