Add some color in your room!

A month ago, another design opportunity came to me. My boss and his loving wife are expecting their second child and they wanted to turn their former guest room into nursery room. In addition to this, they decided to repaint the toddler room as well. And who you gonna call? KC! 🙂

After days of strenuous deliberations, we finally came up with a concrete design plan. We were considering wall stickers for the accent wall but we don’t want to take its risk of flaking or peeling off. So we decided on having it mural painted. Since I know some good friends who are great artists as well, I gave them a call and landed them the job. The time table was so tight, (unbelievable 5 days!) but we managed to pull through. At first, they wanted the toddler room to be themed as Pirate and Treasure Hunt, but somehow they decided against it. Instead, they went for Railroad and Train design since their son is also a fan of Thomas the Train.

(Patrick, one of the artist, is sitting pretty after a long day of painting the room.)

(Carl, another artist, seems pretty happy with their work with matching two thumbs up)

(In case you’re wondering why I’m in the picture, well with my VAST experience in designing and paintng *ahem I decided to lend them a hand LOL just kidding!)

(The walls are painted with elastomeric paint which is perfect for wall mural painting)

The design concept for the toddler room is a continued railroad all over the three walls of the room using bright colors and different shades of green to add a more serene yet playful mood.

(These talented artists graduated from Far Eastern University with a degree of Fine Arts Major in Advertising.)

The design concept for the Nursery room is Hot Air Balloon and Airplanes with a more subtle and toned-down colors. It exudes a more relaxing and carefree mood, a perfect combination for nursery.

I added wall moldings 1 meter from the floor, to break the enormity of the room. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing because of the match of colors but because we have tight time table and it will consume a lot of time if we’d be painting the entire wall with mural.

(My personal favorite, which I also think adds life and playfulness to the whole design; BEARS!)

(Aren’t they just lovely?) 🙂

(Me and the rest of the artists namely Carl, Patrick and Mark after the exhausting but definitely fun painting experience)

My professors back in college told us that there’s no such thing as perfect design. It’s a matter of knowing what your clients’ taste are and their requirements and necessities and meeting those things with the carefully planned designs and professional execution. I know this project is not as extravagant as most designers and architects are handling nowadays, but I did learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to properly manage your time and deal with a lot of pressure and stay as professional as possible as you can. Because at the end of the day, we, as designers should always give good service and priority to our clients because if it weren’t for them, we won’t be able to pay the month’s bill. HAHAHAHA

Thanks for reading guys! If you’re interested in my interior design services, you can contact me through my facebook or twitter account. Just go to my homepage and you’ll find the details you need. Au revoir!




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