You were right, Mom…

Celebrating mother’s day isn’t supposed to be a once-a-year celebration. We may have a lot of things in our hands regarding work, studies and personal lives but it would be nice to really put on some time and effort to express our love and affection for our mothers every once in a while. I stand guilty in my intro, since I neglect this somehow. And because of that, I’d like to take this event as an opportunity to share with you my relationship with my mom. I had a normal and blessed childhood, thanks to my parents who’ve really strived hard to give me and my family a bright future and where we are today: we eat meals thrice a day, they have provided us good education and shelter above our heads, being able to pay our bills and a few bucks to spare when we wanted to eat out or have quality time together. But for most of you who doesn’t know, my parents have been working abroad as far as I can remember. They were able to provide us all the things and experiences we posses because of their perseverance to give us the best. Being away from my parents almost all my life is TOUGH. Tough because they weren’t around to witness us grow into fine (ahem*) ladies and gentleman. Tough because during parent-teacher conference, I was always accompanied by my aunt. Tough because when someone bullies me in school, I’ve got no one to run to, hence I need to learn to defend myself. Tough because my siblings and I need to grow up fast and face the responsibilities of running the household all by ourselves. Tough because being asthmatic as I am, no one takes care of me as my mother does. And what’s worse is that I never actually celebrated my birthday with her. As in, never.

(SHIT!!!! My tears are falling! #fanningmyfacewiththehands LOL)

Despite the distance, I get to know her by the little amount of time we spent during their vacations here in the Philippines. Most people said we are so alike. Some even thought we’re sisters! (WT?!) I got her passion for cooking. Well, I’m really trying my best to learn how to cook and my friends bear witness to that! hahaha (They are my test dummies and most of the time they curse me for my experiments ๐Ÿ˜€ !! LOL) We both have crazy rituals when it comes to showering; we apply lots of products just to maintain the fairness of our skin or become fairer even! haha Everytime we go shopping, we’d always stop for something to eat then we’d make a distinction against each others body because of eating too much! Crazy right? And how much we love to haggle or tawad when it comes to shopping just to get a discount in the stores. One time she does this in the SM Department Store with me and my sister, (one of the leading malls in the country wherein HAGGLE is IMPOSSIBLE!) Here’s the scenario:

SALESLADY: Ma’am, try nyo po ‘tong mga blouses namin. Bagay po sa inyo yan!

(Ma’am try our new blouses. It’ll look good on you.)

MAMA BEAR: Maganda nga, wala bang tawad?

(Yes, it’s looks pretty. How much is the discount?)

SALESLADY: Ay ma’am, bawal po tumawad dito. (giggling)

(Sorry Ma’am, we don’t allow discounts/haggle here.)

KC AND KHET: (Slowly walks away, pretending we don’t know her.)

My mom is not really a comedian. It’s mostly my dad who has the humor and usually cracks the joke in the family. But every time my mom does something or say something out of clumsiness, it never failed to make me cry my ass off because of laughing. You see, my parents are pure Waray or Bisaya, their natives and province is in Samar, Visayas area which is a day and a half away from Manila. The Warays or the Bisayas are known for being courageous who doesn’t run away from any fights and mestizos/mestizas. (Visayas is know for its Spanish Colony) But also, most of us are known for our thick-tongued intonation when it comes to speaking or reading English language, even Tagalog. We have this funny accent especially when the Bisaya literally grows up in the province. So, even myself, I make fun of my relatives who have a thick intonation when speaking (PEACE).ย  So why am I telling this? So you’d know the reason why I find the next story so funny. There’s this one time, the image of the Black Rosary was sent to our place. Me and my mom are the ones who are available to accept the image. Here’s the scenario:

The image of the Black Rosary was in delivered by the members of the Legion of Mary (an organization in our parish) in our place. My mom was asked to lead the prayer. Take note, the prayer is translated in English.

MAMA BEAR: (While reading the first paragraph she suddenly turns to me) Anak, ikaw nalang magbasa.

(Child, you should be the one to read this.)

KC: (Puzzled) Ba’t ako? Naumpisahan mo na Ma, edi tapusin mo na.

(Why me? Ma, you’ve already started reading it. Just finish it.)

MAMA BEAR: English to eh. Nakakahiya, mahirap na at Bisaya ako.

(The prayer is in English. I’m embarrassed, I’m a Bisaya.)

At some point in my life, I disliked listening to my mom. I always felt that she’s meddling too much in our personal lives esp. with me. Well, my parents have grown overprotective of me because I have a lot of friends and that for them, I’m too accommodating. My elder sister, Khet is a snob (most of the time) and was really disciplinarian like my dad. So I’m guessing they don’t have a problem with her. My younger brother, Kelvin is the I-don’t-give-a-damn kinda persona, so I’m also guessing they don’t have a problem with him and the fact that he’s a guy that can handle himself. As for me, I’m the middle child, the brat, party-goer, who always reasons out and with no JUDGMENT was considered by my mom as her Beauty Queen! Literally! I’m not saying this to brag or whatever, but she always encourages me and my sister to join beauty pageants in our place and she’s like a Stage-mom to us. Since, my sister is a snob and doesn’t give a shit about this pageants, her frustrations was passed on to me. So every “Reyna Elena”, “Miss Teen Hobart”, “Mr. and Ms. SHAN”, “Intramurals” in our school or whatever, she’d always push me to participate. Well, on the bright side, those experiences honed my inter-personal skills somehow haha ๐Ÿ™‚

So you have no idea how much they monitor all my affairs, friends, phone calls etc. During that time I was so full of myself that I was then concentrating on hating her for intruding too much instead of listening and trying to comprehend what she means. That’s why I was inspired by the Daily Top Ten of the longest running morning FM show in the radio, which I love listening to, the The Morning Rush RX 93.1, with their topic for Mother’s Day; The top ten sentences that a son/daughter would say that ends with: You were right, Mom. So I came up with my own list:

1. I remember the time when I was still playing volleyball for my school back in college. My mom never fails to remind me that I shouldn’t take a shower right after the training and try to rest for a couple of hours before doing so. Well, I never listened to her, so I catched pneumonia and was confined to the hospital for 2 weeks. #youwererightMOM

2. When you told me to keep an eye on what I eat, I always thought to myself “It’s easy to exercise.” Now I’m killing myself just to get back my old weight, and you know what, #youwererightMOM

3. You always told me that I shouldn’t take my health and my lungs for granted, now I’m still asthmatic. #youwererightMOM

4. I’ve always considered you and Papa Bear as the most generous people on earth, and that whatever excess you have, you should share it to the people who most need them. And so, #youwererightMOM

5. You were always worried of how I chose my friends and if they are all trustworthy. I’ve met a lot of people in my life, some of them hurt me along the way and some of them stabbed my back. And because of that I’ve always make sure that I chose the best people who’ll always be on my side in times of trials and defeat. #youwererightMOM

6. You’ve always reminded me that Education is the best gift that you and Papa Bear can give me and my siblings. That I should always put studies first beyond anything else. I disregard your sermons, and heaven knows how much I regret it… #youwererightMOM

7. Love can wait, you always say. It should never be hurried. You’ve met all of my exes and you’ve always raised your eyebrows upon them because you knew at that moment they would just break my heart… #youwererightMOM

8. Papa and you have always been frugal. That you wants us to bear in mind that every penny is precious. #youwererightMOM

9. You always reminds me, Ate Khet and Kelvin that we should love one another because we are all we have. No matter how strict and rigorous Ate Khet is, I should respect her as our ate/eldest, no matter how introvert and ego-centric brat Kelvin is, I should still love him as our bunso/youngest. Because in return, they’d still do wonderful favors for you ๐Ÿ™‚ #youwererightMOM

10. Mothers’ knows best, they always say. Yes, most of the time you were right, but you also know how to apologize whenever you’ve done or said something wrong. That I shouldn’t be boastful and shrewd. #youwererightMOM

And lastly, you always told me that I should enjoy the life of single-hood because everything will change once I get married. I’ve always deemed that as a threat! hahaha I’ve seen you in your most ups and when you’ve hit the pavement, but you never showed any regrets in bearing us all in your womb for 9months each or for working abroad for our benefit because you always say that’s how much you love us. That the power of motherhood exhumes your inner affection for your family.ย  And I believe you, andย #youwererightMOM

Happy Mother’s Day Mama. And no matter how far the distance is between us, I hope you can feel my respect and love for you as a woman and as a mother. I’ve always admired your strength in facing all the challenges that come your way, and your genuineness in putting our family above all else. I love you and words doesn’t justify the fact that I do.


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