My First Boracay Experience

I was never a beach bum. I love outdoors but strolling in the beach and having a tan was such a no-no for me. I even admit to myself and to my friends that I’m such a boring companion when it comes to beach-strolling. I don’t know why??? I love the scenery of the beach and stuff but I just don’t like the idea of walking around underneath the intense heat of the sun! hahaha I told you I’m such a boring companion! 😀

But on the bright side, I enjoy taking pictures. Not just for this blog but for memorabilia purposes. So from our flight to Kalibo Aklan, I’ve been documenting everything! To begin with, I’m with my three college buds from San Beda College, Centro Escolar University and best designer friend from College of the Holy Spirit. 

These are my cool friends from Mendiola Consortium: (from left to right) Fritzi, Gelo and Clyde.

Well, just to give you some insights about my friends. Fritzi is also a Libran, maybe that’s why we get along so very well. She is one of my closest friends in college and she’s also an interior designer like me. Oh did I also mention that she can be a brat most of the time? hahaha bratinella or not I still love this girl!

Gelo and Clyde are mag-kababata or childhood friends. They’ve known each other since high school days and became inseparable since then. So imagine how much we make fun of them as “Bromance” hahaha and we also met their childhood friends Khino and Ianne who, by the way, are the coolest couple I’ve ever known! Missing their company actually!

I’m sure people around the globe are familiar with Boracay Island since it’s been hailed by Yahoo and BMW Beach Handbook as one of the world’s best beaches. And I bear witness to its enticing beauty as it continues to attract tourists to its powder-soft sand that never gets hot even under the noon sun.

I, myself was blown away by its wonderful shore, the district itself and the beautiful people surrounding it. No wonder, Boracay is one of the world’s best tourist spot for travelers around the globe.

The night life in Boracay is quite marvelous as well. Partying hard then skinny dipping whenever you’re a bit tipsy! hahaha kidding :p

And the shops are pleasing in the eye. Especially the handmade arts and crafts by the Aklanos which are great for pasalubongs or presents for your friends and families.

(Hanging lamp made of katya.)

 You can’t ignore D’Mall where all the best restos and boutiques can be located. And the best part are the food!

(D Mall Plaza, the shop district of Boracay)

Did I mention, my favorite color is pink? Isn’t that obvious 🙂

(Everybody loves Boracay!)

(Customized printed T-shirts)

(Very artistic hand-made name plates)

Of course I gave my Mushy not just one, but two of these customized lighters.

(Philippine/Boracay ref magnets)

(Ihaw-ihaw or grilled)

(The pride of Boracay Island, it’s delicious and fresh-from-the-ocean seafood)

(Who wants lobsters?)

(You can’t ignore the marvelous steak at I heart BBQ)

My Boracay Buddies, having our first dinner at I heart BBQ. The trip to Boracay may be exhausting because of the 1hour and 30minutes drive from Kalibo airport to Katiklan port. But the trip was definitely worthwhile because of my great companion. We would just take a nap, then eat some chips, then laugh out loud! Everyday with these people are such a random craziness and spoiled-brat-free happenings. Why did I say spoiled-brat-free? Because naturally, Fritzi and I are born brats and these guys have somehow managed to compromise and taught us how to compromise even for a day! 🙂

(A perfect refreshment from the heat of the sun, Gelato!)

(The beautiful Boracay beach)

(I have witnessed the powder-soft sand of Boracay shore)

 The crazy night clubbing along the shores!

Back to the 80’s at Island Kebab

There are plenty of fun activities to do in Boracay, like the wall climbing, boat sailing, go cart, flying fish, scuba diving, helmet diving, island hopping and many more!

Some people just can’t handle Boracay 🙂

KC and the macho bodyguards. LOL

I’m so loving the sunset!

My hot designer buddy 🙂

Don’t you just love the view? I mean the beach 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Plan your summer getaway with your travel agent and fly to Boracay and experience an incredible paradise. See you next summer!!!




26 comments on “My First Boracay Experience

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  2. So glad that you experienced Boracay at last! Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the most beautiful island in the world, but it is definitely on my bucket list. I heard that there’s a great spot for kitesurfing in Boracay, in Bulabog Beach. I am planning to visit that area next year, but can you (or anyone here) recommend a good resort in Bulabog Beach?

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