VD: Dangerous Liaisons

I’ve always been a Vampire Diaries fan and the Season 3 episode 14 entitled the Dangerous Liaisons was not only shocking, but bittersweet as well and definitely one of my favorites. The love triangle of Damon-Elena-Stefan is extremely emotionally-draining!

The episode’s plot was at the Mikaelsen’s Ball which marks as the celebration of the Original Family Reunion. And of course, all the cast were invited. But neither did Klaus and his siblings’ know that their mom, Esther, is plotting to kill them all. According to their mom, she loves them but they are an abomination and she has to put an end to this. OUCH! What an ironic way to show how you love your offspring right?

Anyway, there comes Elena. And nothing makes a grander entrance than being escorted by the two good-looking gentlemen, the Salvatore Brothers.

I enjoyed watching their traditional Waltz dance, especially when Damon and Stefan took turns in dancing with Elena. And of course the big twist in the story is the Caroline and Klaus romance. Well, I still like Tyler for Caroline but seeing a different side of Klaus whenever he’s with her is actually moving. I mean, isn’t it great when you see a bad guy turned good because of love 🙂

And he even draw a sketch of her with a magnificent horse and when he told her “I fancy you, is it so hard to belive?” It’s just soooo damn sweet 🙂

Well, what really got my attention was Klaus’ cute little brother, Kol. He may be a bit adventurous and naughty haha but he’s really, really cute 🙂

But the highlight of this episode is of course, the conversation between the love triangle: Damon-Elena-Stefan. We know Damon is always being such an ass and quite self-destructive and the fact that he’s really in love with Elena makes him more selfless but a bit protective over her. So when he told her that he loves her and Elena’s response was a bit offensive, he went back to being Damon the Dick once more, and made out with Rebekah! WTF?! But I should say, their making-out scene was really HOT!

What’s really heart-breaking is the last scene with Elena and Stefan talking on the porch. No matter how hard and insensitive Stefan is, Elena doesn’t give up on him still. Now that’s a genuine and patient love. She wants to help bring back the good Stefan and honestly I thought that they will be reunited once more but, sad, they didn’t.

Hmm.. I wonder what the finale episode of this season would be 🙂


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